Provillus Review: Is It a Scam?

Provillus is a hair loss treatment that has become popular in the last 5 years. It is effective, safe, and there are no known side-effects, unlike prescription medications like Propecia. It is a great alternative for hair loss sufferers looking for a treatment to prevent further hair loss and stimulate new growth.

How Does Provillus Work?

Regardless of the age when hair loss begins, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more permanent the hair loss will become. Provillus works by reducing DHT production and prevents DHT from affecting your hair follicles. If you can get the hair follicles to begin the hair growth process the better off the hair growth will be.

Does Provillus Work?

Yes. Most users experience reduced hair loss immediately, and major hair re-growth within 3-6 months. There are no known side-effects for using Provillus. It is safe, and effective for hair loss. They also offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. So if you are unhappy with your purchase, simply contact customer service within 90 days from your purchase date and they will issue you a full refund.

Suggested Usage

We recommend using Provillus for the full 6 months. This will allow enough time for hair re-growth, as well as sufficient DHT prevention. No hair loss treatment works as an “instant fix”. It takes time to efficently reduce the production of DHT and stimulate hair growth.

Provillus FAQ’s

Is Provillus Safe?

Yes. There are no side effects, unlike prescription hair loss treatments like Propecia.

What is Included?

You will get both a topical solution which you will apply directly to your scalp and hair, and you will also get a daily medication to stimulate hair re-growth and prevent further hair loss.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

You will notice a reduction in additional hair loss immediately. However, it can take up to 3 - 6 months to see hair re-growth. It is a process that takes time. No hair loss treatment is an instant fix.

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  1. Jesse Says:

    I have used Provillus now for over 5 months, and I could not be happier. It has made my hair look fuller, thicker, and has filled in the bald spots. Thanks for the great review.

  2. dadof3 Says:

    I have used Provillus for about 2 months, and so far so good. Can’t wait to see further results.

  3. Ashley Says:

    Great stuff. I was thinking about trying provillus, and after reading your review I will give it a try.

  4. baldguy Says:

    What package do you suggest starting with? The 6 month one seems like the best deal.

  5. Hair Loss Guide Says:

    The 6-Month Package is by far the best deal. I would suggest going with that. They offer a Money-Back guarantee. So if you decide to return it later, you can.

  6. baldguy Says:

    Thanks. I think I will go with the 6 month package.

  7. nan29 Says:

    Sounds good, I will give it a try.

  8. nelia Says:

    why not use the guys provillus its probably stronger

  9. Sheila Says:

    Great product. It is one of the only hair loss treatments that has a formula specifically for women or for men.

  10. gemne Says:

    Yeah, I tried rogaine awhile back and hated it. It smells horrible. I’ll try this.

  11. benji4 Says:

    For people that have used Provillus, how long did it take to see results? I was hoping that I could start to see results in less then a month.

  12. James Says:

    Very nice site. Extremely informative.

  13. AlexB Says:

    I have just started using Provillus, it’s been less than 3 weeks, based on Provillus users’ experience, how long will it take to show some result? I understand it will vary, but would you say less than 3 months?

  14. huntington Says:

    I think you would see results within 3 months. I am sure it varies from person to person though.

  15. josephB2 Says:

    Now I will be he first one to admit that I am usually skeptical on hair loss treatments like this. But since they offered a money back guarantee, I thought I would give it a try. After 2 months my new hair is starting to come in and I could never be happier.

  16. momof3 Says:

    The thing I like about Provillus is that they have specific formulas for both men and women. There are not very many hair loss treatments for women out there.

  17. Michael Says:

    How are the results? (question is for anyone that has taken or is taking Provillus)

  18. RandomGuy Says:

    I have heard some conflicting feedback on this product, but who knows who’s who and what’s what on the internet. From my perspective as a biochemistry student, alot of the ingredients seem to make sense in what they are suggested to do, so I decided to try it out for myself. Snake oil or useful product? we’ll see.

  19. AlexB Says:

    I agree, feedbacks are encouraging, but who knows whether they are genuine. I am at my second bottle (second month) and can’t see any result yet, however it is early days still and results tend to occur 3-4 months into it. We shall see…

  20. josephB2 Says:

    Thats interesting. I have only used Provillus for 2 months, and I am already seeing results.

  21. Rob Says:

    I have been using it for a little over 2 months also and seem to be getting some results. Time will tell how well it will fully fill in and if it will grow at a similar rate to the rest of my hair.

  22. Derek Says:

    I am going to try this product althought I am skeptical. I am 25 and my hair is thinning badly. I hope this stuff works.

  23. baldguy Says:

    It has been about 2 months so far and I could not be HAPPIER! My bald spots are starting to fill in! I am getting my HAIR BACK and I feel like a new man. I canno’t that you enough for your review. I am so happy I tried Provillus, and I will be recommending it to anyone that has the same problems. Thanks everyone.

  24. St Louis Woman Says:

    My husband has been using HVT for the last year. He went back to his barber after 6 months and the fellow was really impressed by the hair growth. HVT is an assortment of vitamins & minerals. What is Provillus?

  25. bentonbo Says:

    Provillus is a natural hair loss treatment and a DHT blocker. It stops hair loss and regrows your hair. I have used it for over a year and am very happy with the results.

  26. JOHNOBOY Says:

    Are there any side effects?

  27. gregg Says:

    can children use provillus,7yrs or older?

  28. scienceGURU Says:

    I used Provillus for a while and returned it because my scalp was burning. I went back to Propecia, but that was a waiste of time and money. I am now convinced Provillus works better if you take the needed vitamins and minerals plus the herbal supplement. Biotin, tyrosine, amino acids, beta carotene, silica and nettle are certain vitamins and minerals that I use. I will let you all know my results as soon as I see them.

  29. Mena Says:

    hiii all i have a question to people they have experience :
    *if I stoped to use Provillus my hair we go to fall again?
    * i must use Provillus forever?

    by the way iam not bald iam just loss my hiar?

    plz some one answer mee plzzzzz

  30. mi mi Says:

    Did anyone notice that the topic solution for Provillus had changed? It no longer have azelaic acid… I thought the ingredient is what makes provillus different then rogaine? Can anyone help?

  31. john doe Says:

    does it work?

  32. lina Says:

    hi I’m using provillus after I used hair genesis, its been around two weeks now, but my scalp getting very flaky, it looks ugly you could see the snow white fall off of my head…anybody experience the same? pls can I just take the herbal suplement only>?

  33. Dusty's Dad Says:

    I’ve read the hype and the above comments but, in most cases, it appears as if users are still waiting to see results. Also, what DOES happen if you have new hair loss and you stop using it? Last, what about Ilina’s problem? If this was a bona fide product why aren’t product reps answering some of these questions or is it just a case of Hype and Hope?

  34. bentonbo Says:

    I have used Provillus for over a year and I could not be happier. The problem with hair loss, is that once you stop “Blocking” the DHT, it will just take effect again. Pretty much the only way you can stop treatment for a hair loss product, is if you get a hair transplant or something like that. However, once you get your hair back, you can move from a “Treatment Stage” to “Prevention Stage”. Preventing hair loss is a lot easier then the actually treatment.

  35. Bilbo Says:

    When do you recommend stoping use?

  36. ZC_HAIR Says:

    hello everyone.
    i am 27 and loosing hair very fast. i was brwosing online the this product came accross me. I ordered 6 month supply but i have two question:
    1. will it cause any damage to my natural hair?
    2. if i stop taking, will i be loosing hair again?

    please answer if you know

    tks everyone

  37. john Says:

    Is anyone going to respond to ZC_HAIR question?

  38. Thor Says:

    Hey I’ve been using this Provillus stuff for almost a month and I am shedding like crazy…Can someone Please explain to me the actual process of how this stuff works? I don’t need the speech about what chemicals or vitamins are used to make it or re grow hair…I just need someone who has used it and seen results to tell me what he physically saw as their hair grew back. Please Reply Soon!!!

  39. cesar Says:

    man, i am screwed if this stuff doesn’t work. i really hope it does. i just order my package…

  40. IuliaNO2 Says:

    Doe’s the pills contains minoxidil?

    In my country the lotion is not available.

    Doe’s the pills work alone?

    Doe’s anybody reads this comments?


    S’rry my bad english.

  41. Trisha Says:

    I’m curious to know what anyone has to respond to zc_hair comment bc I was thinking of purchasing the item.

  42. bentonbo Says:

    To ZC_Hair

    Like any hair loss treatment product, you have to keep taking it. You get a full head of hair in 2 stages.

    1. Re-grow: Filling in the bald spots. A stricter regimen is needed for this stage of re-growth.

    2. Maintain: Once you have your full set of hair back, you will need to maintain that fullness. This will require less product, and less work.

    All hair loss treatments are the same in that you need to keep taking them. The intensity of treatment is what changes. Unfortunately, you can never completely reverse hair loss, and will always require some level of maintenance. Unless you are willing to undergo surgery, like a hair transplant.

  43. Mena Says:

    hii all…
    thanks to bentonbo`s answer,
    and i have a sample question:
    iam 23 years old and i losse my hair but not fast, iam not baldy my hair is ok till now but i need to stop my hiar losse or make it fall slowly.

    *My qusetion:if i use this product at awhile it well stop my hiar losse? and i can stop useing it any time? plase answer me “MR.bentonbo”

  44. ron Says:


    I’m from Australia thinking of ordering Provillus.

    When you order from their website, how come there is nothing on their minoxodil solution? And it doesn’t even come up when you order. Does it come with the pills??


  45. Nick Says:

    I’ve reading reviews out the ying yang on this product and I still have no idea if this product works on the frontal hairline.. where I need it the most. Does this work in the front of just the crown/back of the head?

  46. Hair Loss Guide Says:

    It should come with their Minoxidil solution. I would just give them a call to make sure.

  47. ron Says:

    they don’t ship their topical solution outside US borders for customs reasons. That really sucks. I ordered the pills however. Is their topical solution a major part in the whole treatment? Is there a replacement I can use? Someone mentioned procerin XT serum but i’m not convinced as it doesn’t have minoxidil. Any suggestions?

  48. Thor Says:

    Nick…I heard it may help with the front…that’s why i got it… I hope it does…i’m only a week short of 2 months…with my fingers crossed! I’ll keep you posted! But I heard that for some reason it works differently with each person…

  49. JMac Says:

    Okay I just ordered a 4 month supply of this stuff and I am a good test case to see if this works since I’ve tried many others (which didn’t work) and hold them to their guarantees for full refunds.

    I just turned 39 yrs old and have been slowly losing my hair since the college years. Keep it short for clean appearance but really miss having hair up top. I will be sure to update the site with progress every few weeks because there is nothing I detest more than another hair scam product. If it works they’ll get kudos from me but if not I will be the first to let them know and the rest of you as well.

  50. 2young2bebald Says:


    Is Provillus better than Profollica??

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON HAIR CLUB FOR MEN!!!unless you need a quick TEMPORARY fix that requires a lot of maintenance and $$$.

    Im 24 and losing hair badly,it’s really noticeable and im not happy with it so i decided to try the HAIR CLUB FOR MEN bio matrix, which ended up being the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life!!!all they did was shave the top of my head where i was badly balding and pasted a toupee on my scalp which is so detectable that it ruined my life.It looks good from far and in pictures but once someone gets close to you, it is easily noticeable and people stop looking at your eyes but look up and focus on your so called “new head of hair” like they call it.

    My questions are: Since i have this temporary “new head of hair” pasted on my scalp, will Provillus still work if i take it? Or will it work if i wear a hat 24hrs a day??
    Does the scalp need sunlight for provillus to grow…i have the old man haircut(hair on the sides but nothing on top and hairline is pretty bad)thanks 2 hair club!@#$!
    Can I use both Provillus and Profollica without any risks and will that make the regrowth of hair faster??

    Please and thank you in advance for an answer

  51. Hair Loss Guide Says:

    I am sorry, but these are questions that you will need to ask the makers of Provillus and Profollica. I wish I could be more helpful, but these are questions that I don’t have the answers for.

  52. sam.e Says:

    me and my partner decided to have a baby next year. Is using Provillus has any side effect on a baby? please help. i have lost alot of hairs. I am very very worry.please answer me.please

  53. Hair Loss Guide Says:

    This is a question that you will need to ask your physician and the makers of Provillus.

  54. european bald Says:


    I am from Europe and I have been loosing hair for the lat 10 years. I used proscar but the results weren’t good enough, so I ordered a 6 months supply of Provillus. I have been taking the pills for the last two months and so far I don’t see any results. What should I do? I am begining to think this product is a scam. I aslo would like to question bentobo, he says he’s using Provillus for one year and also he is very happy with the results. When did you start to notice some changes in your hair? After 3 months?

  55. ItsFillingIn Says:

    I used Propecia for over 6 MONTHS and it DID NOT WORK. I am so pissed of at wasting my money on that BS prescription. I have only used Provillus for 2 months and I am seeing more results then I ever did with Propecia. Thanks for the helpful review.

  56. findingthecure Says:

    Thanks for the review and all of the comments, I have read them all. Based on the great feedback I am gonna give this one a try. Thanks!

  57. Bridget Says:

    As a woman, it is hard to find a hair loss treatment. I have done TONS of research. This seems like the best choice. I am hoping it will do it for me.

    Thank You,

  58. vante Says:

    I’m trying it. Most people’s comments on here have been pretty positive, and they offer a money back guarantee, so I’m in.

  59. Northern Ireland Says:

    I am 19 and for a few years I have noticed a thinning of the hair at the temples. I have my hair cut short (with a no 1 blade) and am just wondering is this a receding hairline or is the hair just thinner at that part of the head? I was wondering if i started taking Provillus would it help this small area that seems to be thinning? Also I’m a keen sportsman, would it have any effect on this? Thanks!!

  60. Blak Kat Says:

    For those who are going to Hair Club for Men (and Women), STOP! It is a rip off and destroys what is left of your hair! Since your head is covered 24 hours a day by a glued on toupee, you cannot clean your scalp directly and cannot use products such as Provillus with it. The glue and the toupee completelty block air to your scalp, and you have no way of massaging any tretment into the covered scalp. Plus, when the toupee and glue are removed, it pulls out any remaining hair, and the regular pulling causes permanent hair loss. I know, I went through this when I was losing my hair.

    I am thinking to try Provillus but do not know if it will work in my case becasue I went to Hair Club for too long. My hair may be permanently ruined. So, to those who are in Hair Club and have not been in it long, like no more than a year, stop now or forever lose your hair! These people know this causes further hair loss which makes you dependent on them and have to keep coming back. I learned this the hard way. Your best bet is to try products like Provillus and also stay on a good diet that supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.

    If the product causes you to shed right after you first use it, it might be because it is clearing out dead hair to make room for new hair, so stick with it to see what happens. For flakey scalp, you might be using too much, be careful how much you use. If you are using the amount they say, maybe use a little less until the flakyness clears up.

    Also, shedding and flakey scalp can be treated with Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin D. Make sure you are getting enough of these in your supplement and/or diet. You can get them in a good multi-mineral suppliment that also contains calcium and magnesium. Also, take a good multi-vitamin suppliment because lack of certain B vitamins can also cause dry flakey scalp and excess shedding.

    I realize that Provillus comes with a supplement, but it might not be enough for some, or too much for others. It is really trial and error to figure out what works best for your individual needs. Keep in mind that topical solutions alone do not work efficiently unless you compliment them with a healthy diet and supplementation. You have to keep yourself healthy INTERNALLY also!

  61. ive Says:

    I just got my 6 month suply of provillus, am a young woman no children and lossing my hair like crazy. I’ve used rogainne and crece treatment they dont work at all. After reading so many good reviews about provillus i thought i’ll give it a try hey what can i loose more hair. jaja. Good luck for everyone who is in the same boat.

  62. brook81 Says:

    I have tried it and not really much has happened. Not much hair growth, but not much hair loss either.

  63. chris Says:

    Can anyone tell me what is in Provillus, that it can stop the build up of DHT?

  64. nick Says:

    worked for a month and then stopped working for me

  65. john Says:

    just want to leave a little feedback as to my results so far. i am 35 and have lightly thinning hair on the middle back section of my crown area. i have been using provillus now for about a month and a week. so far so good the thinning is now growing in with thicker hair. i would like to point out though that i only use 1 ml. of the treatment per day. i like to go with the least amount first and see the effects if any and like i said so far so good, so for me a one month supply has now turned into two. also, the supplements i have not taken any thus far, only because i am still researching the effects of so much saw palmetto, it is said to cause gynomastacia in men, so yeah still doing research. but all in all i have to say do your research and try the minimum first to see the effects, of course i’m sure it depends on how far along your hair loss is. good luck to all!

  66. lumar Says:

    I’ve had my 6 month supply sitting around for a year. Does anyone know if it’s still good?

  67. carol Says:

    will this work on african american hair chemically treated or not ?

  68. john Says:

    carol… i am not african american but i can say the one of the reasons for my thinning in the first place was due to chemically treating my hair, i would use straighteners. i have found it to be quite effective so far (read my may 31st post i just put up). a little thing i did was use that free hair evaluation that the hair club and others do, since there is no obligation to buy i figured why not, and if they do indeed say it was damaged and thinning due to the chemical treatments then it might (i said might) work for you as well as it is for me. still using it and hair is definitely growing back thicker on my thinning spots! good luck!

  69. josh Says:

    does this product work with frontal balding?

  70. leo Says:

    is it available here in the philippines? can i just buy it in drugstores? is it otc?

  71. Myrz Says:

    How much does it cost ??

  72. Brad Says:

    I’ve recently purchased provillus to try and stop my hair loss and I can not get the topical solution due to customs. I need to know if just the suppliment is sufficient in hair regrowth. Any feedback would be appreciated. thx

  73. Brad Says:

    thanks for the info John. So i will try to get ahold of the monoxidil solution however interesting in your previous comment about saw palmetto causing gynomastacia in men, any more info on that!!

  74. mike Says:

    Hair club is the biggest scam in the hair restoration sector
    so stop wasting money. U will go bald faster if u go to hairculb
    they just want u to depend on them for the rest of your life if u want a cheap proven hair treatment go to india or Pakistan get a hair transplant u r good for a long period of time the whole process wont cost u more than $4000 which includes ur airfare and hotel trust me on this i did it a year ago and they do it ten times better than hairculb.i will be minimum of 5-8 years before u start noticing baldness again then go back so u save a fortune by not spending thousands on topical solutions

  75. Janan David Says:

    Hair transplant in America is a scam, 90% of them, you will lose more hair, on a lpong run at diffrent areas

  76. Brad Says:

    i’m going to try nisim bio factors with the provillus vitamins. Ill keep everyone up to date on the results. Been doing research and feel that this may help. I’ve been taking provillus vitamins for 3 and a half months now and can notice some new hair growth. I think the nisim hair biofactors with extract will help new hair growth. Check it out. @
    I hope this helps somebody.

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