More than 80 million American men and women suffer from hair loss, and due to a variety of causes. One of the primary reasons behind hair loss is due to an enzyme called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It is the result of contact between an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase and a hormone called testosterone. When it comes into contact with the follicles on the scalp, it can cause them to shrink in size and interrupt normal, healthy hair growth cycles. This can cause men and women to lose their hair.

DHT blocker products are one of the primary methods of treating premature baldness in men and women. It works against healthy hair growth by shrinking the hair follicles. As the size of the hair follicles decreases, the thickness of hair decreases until it eventually falls out. This can prevent new hair from growing in its place and while it is normal to lose up to 150 hairs in a given day, DHT can cause people to find clumps of hair on their pillows, in their sinks, and in their hair brushes.

If you are a man or woman suffering from premature hair loss, chances are that DHT blockers have been the subject of discussion between you and your doctor or in things that you read online or in print about hair loss. DHT blocker products work to block the formation of Dihydrotestosterone and keep it from coming into contact with the scalp, so that the hair follicles are safe and sound. It is only when the Dihydrotestosterone hits the hair follicles that hair loss occurs, as that is when the follicles begin to shrink and cause hair to weaken and fall out. After that, it is very difficult for new hair to grow in its place.

Top 3 DHT Blockers

Provillus: Provillus is one of the leading treatments for those experiencing hair loss as a result of Dihydrotestosterone. It can be used by both men and women who are suffering from hair loss, and is one of the more popular and successful treatment methods out there. One of the best things about hair loss is that it is one of the most powerful DHT blockers out there. DHT blocker products are designed to prevent hair loss from occurring due to shrinking of the follicles. This product works at the cellular level, keeping hair follicles healthy and expanded and allowing hair to regrow, hopefully preventing hair loss from occurring in the first place.

Provillus is available in a topical form, and that is the most popular form as it can be applied directly to the scalp. There is a separate formula available for men and women, and it is available in the form of a pill as well. It contains Minoxidil and Azaleic acid as well as Vitamin B6, Biotin, Magnesium, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Nettle Root, Pumpkin, Eleuthero, Uva Ursi and Horsetail. The ingredients of the men’s formula for Provillus is different from the women’s formula and may vary in the ingredients that it includes. The purpose of all of these ingredients: to act as DHT blockers. They also contain some of the important vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth, as well.

Hair Genesis: Another great product that is known to be one of the best blocking products out there is Hair Genesis. People love Hair Genesis because it doesn’t need a prescription for use, and it contains a whole bunch of products that are known DHT blockers. Hair Genesis is a whole line of blocking products that are designed to treat hair loss in men and women. IT includes a topical serum and a pill designed to be taken orally and treat hair loss due to Dihydrotestosterone from the inside out.

Procerin: Procerin is another DHT blocker product that people use to treat their hair loss. The company makes claims that hair should be grown back in a matter of months, and while nothing is for sure this product addresses the issue of hair loss from its root—the hair follicles. It prevents Dihydrotestosterone from attacking the hair follicles and causing them to draw up, helping to save the hair from falling out.

This can be taken both orally and topically. It blocks the 5 Alpha Reductase from ever forming with the testosterone, preventing Dihydrotestosterone from forming in the first place and for that reason it is certainly an original as far as hair loss treatment programs are concerned.

DHT Shampoo Products May Work

There are certain DHT shampoo products out there that are designed to help prevent Dihydrotestosterone from coming into contact with the scalp. This is extremely important, but it is also important to realize that not all shampoos are created equally. There is no such thing as a miracle shampoo that is definitely going to allow hair to grow back. Success of these things can only be determined on a case by case basis.

If you are worried about losing your hair due because somebody else in your family before you had the same problem, there is certainly cause for such a concern. This type of hair loss does run in the family, but if you know that you are at risk it is easier to treat the problem because you can start early and prevent the enzyme from ever forming in the first place—if you have got the right product on your hands. Provillus, Procerin, and Hair Genesis are all amazing products designed to act as a DHT blocker and help people suffering from this type of hair loss.

Which DHT blockers will you choose? It depends on whether you like topical or oral medications, and the understanding that different things work for different people. Start off with the one you feel best about and give them all a try, but remember that hair must grow and results take time. In the meantime, let the amazing DHT blocking technology take its toll on your head and watch that head of hair grow back healthier than ever.

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