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Why Does a Natural Remedy Work Better?

27. August 2008


One of the most frequently asked questions about a natural remedy for hair loss is: “why does a natural hair loss product claim to work better than a pharmaceutical one?” The first thing that has to be addressed is the idea of a pharmaceutical medication. Almost all pharmaceutical medications have a root in a natural herb [...]

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Natural Hair Loss Remedy: The Onion

23. July 2008

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When we are searching for the latest and greatest hair loss remedies, it can be tough for us to remember that medical science only goes back so far and that other groups and communities have been fighting off the specter of baldness for centuries. One weapon against baldness that goes back millennia is that of [...]

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Taking a Homeopathic Look at Hair Loss

6. July 2008


It is no secret that hair loss is both a problem for men and a problem for women. Hair loss is women is almost completely ignored in mainstream drug culture as more and more treatments flood your local pharmacy to treat his hair loss but never hers seemingly. That’s why more and more women are [...]

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An Alphabetical Puzzle

21. June 2008


Losing your hair can be one of the worst parts of growing older. Unlike aches and pains that set in, hair loss is an immediate sign of aging that is not easy to change. Many people who are losing their hair wonder if they should look for natural hair loss cures or if they should, [...]

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Regaining Your Youth with Natural Remedies

12. June 2008


No one wants to lose their hair. Not only does it make it much more difficult to style your hair attractively, but it also makes people believe that you are getting older. This can be difficult for those who lose their hair prematurely. If you go gray prematurely, you can always cover it up with [...]

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