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What to Do When You Start to Lose Your Hair

18. September 2008


For many people, losing your hair is a sign that you are growing older. Most men who are approaching middle age begin to search for signs in the mirror that they’re beginning to lose their hair, much in the same way that their fathers and grandfathers did. Once they notice their hairline receding, or a [...]

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What You Eat Matters

21. July 2008

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When folks begin to feel a sense of desperation when it comes to hair loss, hours are spent searching for any possible connection between behavior and the loss of precious hair. Recent studies have shown that there might just be a connection between what we eat and the amount of hair we have on our [...]

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Healthy Living and Hair Loss

29. May 2008


Everyday seems like a sprint. Weekday mornings bring a race to day cares and schools which winds up making hundreds of people late for work. The work day is spent in the race for climbing the ladder and making the cut. Where does our time go? It’s 6:00 p.m. and we haven’t eaten anything since [...]

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