I Gave One a Try

My buddies and I used to say that the minute that we started to lose our hair like our fathers had we would shave our hair down. A few days after I turned 38, I remember running into my buddy, Dan. He was sporting a nice thin hair cut. I joked around with him about his hair and he got serious and said that it had started to bald in one area. He dipped his head down and sure enough, I could see the hair thinning down in the very spot that he said it was thinning. I laughed about his predicament but, a year later, I wasn’t laughing anymore. Suddenly I was the one dealing with thinning hair and a receding hair line.

I reached for the clippers but, before I could use them, my wife came to me with the idea of giving a hair loss product a try. She said she’d read about it online and even had a coupon to buy the first batch of it pretty inexpensively. I decided that there was no reason why we shouldn’t buy it and we purchased the first batch of shampoo. The only reason that I was convinced to buy it was because the site said that there was a money back guarantee, and when you’re buying something online, a money back guarantee is definitely something that you should look for all the time.

To be honest I was pretty skeptical that it would work. I mean, how can you make hair grow back when it isn’t growing in the first place? But I decided that I’d give it a fair shot and started using the product as the manufacturers said to use it. It took about six weeks before I noticed that my hair wasn’t falling out anymore. Then, a few months later, just when I was about to give up on the product, I noticed that my hair was finally growing back again. The product had worked, my hair was growing back and it was looking good.

I still shaved my head – I figured it was a good way to support Dan and a good way to let the hair grow back on its own terms. But the point for me was that I didn’t have to. Anyone who is looking for a treatment review to help them to figure out if they should buy the product or not definitely needs to read about my story, as I was one of those men who thought that there was no way I’d ever lose my hair, and then I started to. But this product saved me from having to live the rest of my life with extremely short hair.

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