Is There Any Way To Prevent Hair Loss?

It’s always fun to walk into a family reunion, especially when it’s been a long time since the last time you got together. How many times have you gone to a family reunion and been shocked to find that your great uncle has gained fifty pounds, or that your cousin Jonny has moved on to another wife – his third (or fourth). What is the most surprising to many, however, isn’t the new spouses or the weight gain, but rather the signs of aging that occur when you go to a family reunion, It’s hard to look at your relatives and to not see yourself in a way. Those great uncles or grandparents who have lost their hair are often the scariest, as they seem to show the future and what is to come. But is a family member with hair loss necessarily a good predictor of your situation?


Unfortunately genetics plays a huge part in whether or not something is going to lose their hair. It is genetics that says whether or not the main hormone that causes hair loss, DHT, is going to wreak havoc on your scalp or whether it will stay dormant on that area of the body. Those who are already experiencing hair loss usually search for a natural hair loss remedy that they can purchase to help them to get their hair back, or to prevent their hair from falling out. Many, however, wonder if these types of products actually work.

Normal Hair Loss

If you take a shower and see a number of hairs fall out, that is absolutely normal. It’s not uncommon to start to worry when you take a shower and find a handful of hair in your hand while you’re toweling off. Experts, however, say that it’s common for a man or woman to find anywhere from 60 to 80 hairs lost per shower. This may seem like a lot but it is absolutely normal! If, however, you’re noticing that you are losing a great deal more than that, or that you’re losing hair while you’re combing and it seems to be falling out rapidly, or that the hair that you’re losing isn’t growing back, it may be time to look into natural hair loss remedies.

There are a number of natural hair loss remedies that can help you to get back the hair that you’ve lost, and to prevent the hair that is already starting to go. While you may not need to look into these products simply because you’ve seen relatives at a family reunion suffer from hair loss (it may skip a generation, you never know), the minute you see significant hair loss occurring on your scalp you may want to look for treatment, as the sooner you treat, the better the products work!

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