Men and Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Science is a wonderful thing, and every time you turn around you’ll find more and more people looking to science to help them with whatever problem they have. Many men are realizing now that science, and the new procedures that have been introduced, can help them to battle back against one of the most annoying problems that men face: male hair loss. But how can science help a man beat back nature? There are a variety of ways, and one of the newer ways for a man to fight back against losing their hair is to use a laser treatment.


Laser treatments are one of the newer forms of treatment out there for men who are looking to grow their hair back, and while there are only a few specialists who know how to do this procedure, more and more physicians are learning about the procedure and how to do it every day. A man who goes in for this procedure will be sitting, or laying, in front of a machine that has what is known as therapeutic lasers on it. Each of these lasers uses light energy to hit the places on the scalp. This is believed to stimulate the cell metabolism in order to make hair faster and also to damage the follicles that may have been affected and damaged, often by DHT. Many people are praising this method of male hair loss treatment, claiming that it, along with hygiene products, is the best way to help a man to get his hair back. But if it’s such a great way, why are many men still looking to other older methods to help them to get their hair back?

The Experience

To begin with, only those who are trained in knowing how to use lasers properly should handle them. There are not many scientists or doctors yet who are trained in knowing how to use lasers in order to help the hair follicles grow hair again, and those who are often live in the larger cities in the nation, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The Cost

The other deciding factor is the cost. Doctors who know how to do these procedures, and who have the right machines to do them, often charge a good deal for their services. The average man can not, or does not want to, spend that amount of money on their hair loss. So while laser options are a great way to help to solve male hair loss, it is not, as of yet, the most practical or affordable option. Who knows, one day in the future it may be, but right now most men will stick to using other remedies.

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