Does Dieting Cause It?

You’ve decided that you want to be healthy. You stop drinking soda and you cut out sugars in your life. You start exercising and really taking care of yourself. Soon you find the pounds that you’ve gained since college melting away. You feel great! You look great! Why, then, is your hair falling out? Many people are shocked when they start losing weight to discover that their hair is one of the casualties of weight loss. But why would losing weight affect your hair? And is there any way that you can keep your hair without putting the weight back on?

Hair Loss and Vitamins

The body is a very complex machine. It takes a great deal of things to keep it working the way that it does, including many vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals keep the body working in perfect homeostasis, event though you rarely see what the vitamins and minerals do. One thing that they do is to help the blood to circulate throughout the body easily and quickly, allowing all of the nutrients that are produced by a combination of organs to get from one part of the body to another. It’s this blood that helps to keep your limbs working correctly, and, believe it or not, that also helps to keep your hair growing, which is why many who have lost their hair look to hair loss vitamins in order to help them to get their hair back.

A Healthy Diet

When you’re losing weight you are taking in fewer calories than you normally would, and exercising helps you to get rid of more calories as well. Quite often people sacrifice nutrition for weight loss, causing you to have fewer vitamins as well as having fewer calories. Those who are doing an extreme weight loss regimen often find that they lose quite a bit of their muscle mass as well as their hair when they start losing weight, even if they don’t want to lose the hair. Fortunately it’s not necessary to gain the weight back in order to get your hair back.

If you are unable to change your diet to get more vitamins, you can use hair loss vitamins to help you to stimulate the hair growth again. These vitamins are a blend of vitamins that are picked specifically to help you to grow your hair without having to eat more foods. While you can just add more nutrients into your diet, it is often easier to use vitamins for hair loss if you’re looking to grow your hair back after you’ve lost some due to being on a strict diet. This way you’ll look great, feel great, and have luxurious hair!

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