Male Hair Loss Causes Low Self-Esteem

On average, women tend to have more self-esteem concerns than men do. They will not tell a man that, and may not even admit it to each other, but lots of women have a hard time looking at their body and liking what they see. Many women complain about their weight, or about the size and shape of their nose or lips. They will also complain about their hair or even their toes. Men, however, do not tend to have this problem. The average man is happy with what he sees in the mirror, and if he’s not happy he will work to do something to make him like what he sees, such as exercising or bodybuilding. But there is one thing that can cause many men to have low self esteem: male hair loss.

About Hair Loss

While women also have to deal with hair loss, the plain facts are that more men will have to deal with hair loss and balding in their life than women. This is because the thing that causes hair loss, dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, comes from testosterone, a hormone that men have more of in their body than women. DHT is transformed from testosterone by the alpha-5 reductase enzyme. Once it’s transformed it usually lands in the scalp where it has a good time causing the hair follicles to stop working and preventing new hair from forming.


Men may not have the same type of self-esteem problems that women have, but once they start to lose their hair they often discover that they are not happy with how they look. The immediately feel like they look older and, because they feel that they look older, they generally act it. When you start acting older you usually feel older, and this vicious cycle continues until a man’s self-esteem is starting to go into the toilet. But how can a man who is dealing with male hair loss get their self-esteem back?

Most men find that they do best when they use some form of male hair loss treatment. There are a number of treatment options available for all men that are there to help fight back against the DHT that is causing the problem and that are designed to help the hair follicles to start working again. Many of these products use vitamins and minerals that are added to help the follicles go into overtime, making the hair grow faster so that a man can look his own age once again.

When a man is dealing with low self-esteem problems, he may be having an issue with his hair loss. Those who are feeling down may want to look into a treatment option so that they can get their hair, and their pride, back.

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