Understanding Hair Loss Vitamin Deficiency

Scientists will agree on many things. They will agree that the earth is round (most of the time), and they will agree that time moves on (in general). That, however, is about all scientists agree upon. There are a number of scientists who disagree on what causes conditions such as male pattern baldness. The truth, however, is that there are a number of reasons why the hair can begin to fall out of the scalp and not grow back. The most common, it’s true, is called androgenetic alopecia and is caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, but there are other causes of hair loss, and one cause, a vitamin deficiency, is the subject of hot debate and has many wondering about hair loss vitamins and if they really work.

The Argument

The argument is that the hair is a part of our bodies. On one side scientists argue that anything we put into our body will contribute, or nourish, everything that is in, on, or attached to our body, including our hair. This means that those who are eating a healthy diet will have a much less chance of having their hair fall out than those who are not eating a healthy one. This also means that those who are not eating a healthy diet should be able to use specific hair loss vitamins in order to help them to gain their hair back.

The Other Side

The other side argues that hair follicles are bound to stop working and that hair loss is a definite as long as you are predispositioned to having an excess of DHT in your body. This, they say, is a genetic quirk and is something that can’t be fought against with anything as simple as vitamins. While these scientists do agree that a vitamin deficiency can make it more difficult to regrow the hair, they do not believe that it can actually go so far as to causing the hair to stop growing.


If you’re on the side that believes that there are vitamins for hair loss available that can help you to grow your hair back, there are a few vitamins to try. For example you may want to try B complex vitamins such as B6. These vitamins are known to help promote the blood cells into being healthy, allowing the right nutrients to be delivered everywhere in the body. You can find this vitamin in products such as nuts, milk, and beans.

Should you believe that vitamins can help you to grow your hair back if you’re suffering from hair loss? That all depends on what side of the debate you’re on, but no one can argue that taking vitamins is a bad thing, can they?

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