How Natural is Hair Loss?

Women usually complain and worry about getting wrinkles and anything else that makes them feel like they’re aging. Men often don’t complain about much. In general it takes quite a bit to get a man to complain about anything. Those who do complain usually have a valid reason for doing so. One thing that men complain about is losing hair. They often feel like getting bald is what makes them look older, and, in most cases, this is correct. A man who is losing hair, or who is balding, often does look a great deal older than one who has a full head of hair. Any man who sees a handful of hair on his brush may begin to believe that he has male hair loss problems. But before you believe this, it is a good idea to learn about how the male hair grows and what is considered normal loss for a man.

The Hair Life Cycle

Every living thing, it seems, has a life cycle, including your hair. The hair that grows on your body goes through this cycle and, if left uninterrupted, will continue to go through this cycle for a long time. First there is a growth period. The hair takes anywhere from two to six years to grow. Then there is a resting period which is usually about three months. It is at this point when the hair is most likely to fall out simply by brushing or by combing your hair. Hair that is in the growing cycle will not fall out as easily, while hair that has finished growing is more likely to fall out.

When you brush your hair or comb your hair, you may find some hair coming out. This is natural. It is estimated that around 15% of hair on the scalp are at the resting stage, so about 15% of your hair can come out without having any balding spots showing or without you having to worry about male hair loss.

Those who do have to deal with serious hair loss will find that once the hair falls out, it doesn’t grow back. This is because the hair follicles are stopped from doing their job by DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. This hormone causes the hair follicles to be blocked and makes it impossible for a man to grow his hair back, usually in one spot on the scalp or near the temple, causing a receding hair line. Men who are dealing with hair loss can use a male hair loss treatment in order to help to beat back the DHT so that their hair can grow once again and can help them to look, and feel, younger once more.

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