Q&A About Female Hair Loss

Women have enough to worry about without having to worry about losing their hair. Yet, surprisingly, many women do have to deal with female hair loss and have a very hard time with it. There are quite often a great number of questions that women who are dealing with hair loss have. Here are some of the most common.

Q: I’m a woman – I can’t lose my hair. Can I?

Yes, you absolutely can. Women have hair on the top of their head just as men do, and while men do tend to lose their hair more often than women do, it is not uncommon for a woman to lose her hair. Quite often, however, a woman will lose her hair all over her scalp, in more of a thinning than a balding, while men will have to deal with a balding of one area or of a receding hair line from the temple or from the forehead.

Q – How common is a woman losing her hair, honestly?

Honestly? Quite common. Women are at just as much risk as men are when it comes to hair loss, and while men will succumb to hair loss more often, women will also lose their hair.

Q – Is hair loss in a woman genetic?

Not necessarily. While there are some genetic conditions which can cause hair loss in a woman, some women tend to lose their hair and to have thinning hair even though no one else in their family ever has. How often does this occur? Often enough that there are dozens of manufacturers of products out there that are made specifically for women who are losing their hair. If it was a very rare condition it would be much harder to find a treatment for it than it currently is.

Q – Can it be treated?

Yes, hair loss in women can be treated. There are a number of treatment options available.

Q – Can a woman just use any treatment?

No. Women do not tend to lose their hair the same way that men do, so it is a good idea for a woman to not use the same treatment that men do. Most treatments for men are based on the fact that they have DHT in their scalp. Not all women do, and treating something that isn’t there can cause a number of side effects that are not pleasant to deal with.

Q – Can I speak with my doctor about my thinning hair?

It is actually a good idea to speak with a physician about your thinning hair, as there are a variety of things that can cause hair loss, and a doctor will be able to recommend a good female hair loss treatment as well.

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