A Gradual Hair Loss

Men often find that they have a thick head of hair one day and then, the next, they are dealing with a receding hair line or with a large bald spot at the back of their head. Women may believe that they are not at risk in having to deal with hair loss simply because they go for a long time and their hair looks normal. Then, one day, they may realize suddenly that their hair is not what it used to be. Why does this happen? Often it happens because of a number of different reasons, but one thing is for sure: female hair loss moves much more slowly than hair loss in men.


Why are men able to notice their hair loss much more quickly? Quite often it’s because they generally keep their hair short to begin with. If your hair is short it is quite easy to notice an area that is balding. Men also tend to lose their hair at the temples first, causing a receding hair line or an “m” to form in front of their head, which is something that is also very obvious to notice.

Women, on the other hand, tend to wear their hair longer. They also tend to put their hair up, at least occasionally. Many women who are getting older perm their hair because they feel that it looks better. All of these are reasons why it’s harder for a woman to notice that she’s losing her hair than it is for men. But once you’ve recognized that you are dealing with hair loss in women, what are you to do to fix the problem?


The first thing that you need to do is to figure out why you’re losing your hair. There are a variety of reasons that women lose their hair, and not all of them should be treated the same way. Women who are losing their hair due to hormones, for instance, should use a completely different method to solve their dilemma than women who are losing their hair due to stress. There is, however, fortunately a female hair loss treatment available for almost every situation that would cause a woman to lose her hair.

It is, however, vital to learn what is causing your hair loss before you treat it. For instance have you begun a new medication? Or do you have a family history of hair loss? Before you buy any sort of product, examine the symptoms that you have so that you can ensure that you are not facing a deeper medical problem, and it is also a good idea to do a family history check so that you can see if anyone else has had to deal with thinning hair, which would make it a hormonal problem.

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