Dieting and Female Hair Loss

What is a woman to do when she looks in the mirror and she doesn’t like what she sees staring back at her? The most obvious thing to do is to fix the problem. Many women find, as they age, that their metabolism isn’t working the same way that it used to work, and they find that they do not like the way that they look once they start to put on some extra weight. Women who are overweight can often make themselves feel, and look, a great deal better by losing weight. There is, however one side effect to losing weight that many women do not realize can occur, and that is hair loss in women.

Hair Loss

Many women do not realize that they are as susceptible to having their hair fall out as men are. They see men who have balding spots or receding hair lines and they don’t believe that it can ever happen to them. While it’s true that men are much more likely to succumb to DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, causing them to lose their hair, women are susceptible to losing hair as well, but usually it is through some other method, such as through dieting.


The body is a finely tuned instrument and it needs the right nutrition to keep it fresh and working properly. Even the hair on your head needs nutrition in order to prevent female hair loss. If you start dieting you will likely be cutting calories. Those who cut a great deal of calories also find that they are cutting the nutrition that they need, and those who cut too much nutrition and vitamins find that their hair is falling out and they are looking a bit thin on the top of their head, or possibly even all over their scalp. Women who are dieting need to be very careful to make sure that they’re getting enough vitamins in their daily diet. Those who do not will likely suffer from having their hair fall out and will be forced to look for a female hair loss treatment.

There are some options for women who have already lost their hair due to dieting. There are many products available which are vitamins that are put together to promote hair growth. These vitamins are all natural and are mixed together in such a way as to help the hair to grow back faster than it normally would, allowing you to have your hair as thick as it was before without taking years to get it that way. The lesson: dieting can be a great thing and can help you to feel and look wonderful, but take care to get enough nutrition or risk losing your hair.

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