Should You Use Vitamins For Hair Growth?

You’ve looked in the mirror and discovered that you do not look as young as you used to look. What happened? What went wrong? If you’re like most people you probably discovered that you have been losing hair. Every day more and more men find that they have begun to look older due to the reduction of hair at their temples and their foreheads. This receding hair line is responsible for making most men feel much older than they really are. But how can you fight back against something that seems to be the work of Mother Nature? You may be able to fight back by using many of the tools found in your kitchen.

The Cause

The first thing any man has to figure out about his hair loss is what’s causing it. A man who has a family history of having men with balding hair or receding hair lines is likely going to have to deal with the hormone DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is a version of testosterone, and while it does help to make a man “manly”, it can wreak total havoc when it settles on the scalp. When DHT lands on the scalp it causes the hair follicles to stop producing new hair. If there’s no new hair there when the old hair falls out, you get a bald spot or a receding hair line. While many believe that there is no way to cure this problem, vitamins for hair loss may be able to help.

Other Factors

There are other factors which can cause a man to lose his hair at a young age. First is stress. Most people are shocked to find out how much stress can affect a person, but in reality stress can play a huge factor in causing a variety of problems in the body. When the body is stressed it sends out hormone to help deal with the situation and the over stressing, and these hormones can also cause problems on the scalp. If you have lost your hair due to stress, hair loss vitamins may also be able to help.


Some medications can cause the hair to fall out. These medications often affect the scalp and, similar to the DHT, cause the hair follicles to stop working. Those who get off of their medications often find that the hair will grow back in time, but using hair loss vitamins is a great way to help promote the hair growth even faster, giving the scalp and the hair follicles the nutrients that it needs in order to help the hair to grow at a much more rapid rate.

Once you figure out what is causing your hair loss, you can use natural methods in order to get your hair back.

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