Is A Natural Hair Loss Treatment a Scam?

The internet has provided us with many miracles, it’s true. From Wikipedia to Facebook and, of course, to Google; the internet has made it possible for us to be able to learn anything we’d like to know, and to be able to search for the answers to questions that have always bothered us, such as the lyrics to certain 80’s songs. But one problem with the internet is the fact that it is much easier for con artists to be able to scam good people. Many wonder if natural hair treatment websites are real or if the products that they’re hawking are nothing more than scams.

The Scammer

It is true that the internet is rife with scam artists. Flitting about here and there, these scam artists are not looking to steal your credit card number, but rather to talk you into buying something that they know does not work. But why are they so much more prevalent online than they are in real life? Likely because it’s so easy to be anonymous online. If they sell a product that doesn’t work, it’s easy to avoid your repeated attempts at contacting them. They don’t have to answer the phone, they don’t have to answer your emails. Those who have a physical business aren’t as easily able to run from their clientele, which is why you won’t often find someone selling a natural hair loss treatment in real life that doesn’t necessarily work.

Do They Work At All?

There are a number of natural treatment for hair loss which work wonderfully! These products are filled with ingredients that are known to help people who are suffering from hair loss. They usually work by preventing dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, from plugging up the hair follicles on the scalp. It is this which tends to cause male pattern baldness in most people. But while a good amount of these products do work, this does not stop scammers from trying to sell a natural hair loss treatment that does not work. So how do you tell who is real and who is not?

First make sure that the product you’re looking at truly exists. Is it available on other websites? Then look at the reviews. If the product is available on other sites and the reviews are good, check the ingredient list. And feel free to call them by phone to verify that they are a legitimate company as well. If the product is not available elsewhere, and the reviews are horrid, or there are no reviews, you may want to step away from the company entirely to avoid being scammed. By taking your time and doing some research, it is possible to find a product which can help you to grow your hair back.

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