Female Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is a very difficult thing to deal with. Women who are diagnosed with cancer of any type often feel hopeless and are unsure as to what the future may hold for them. The cancer diagnosis is bad enough, but women who have to go through chemotherapy often have to deal with the final indignity of losing their hair. This is a very difficult situation for any woman to go through, and while female hair loss is bad enough, dealing with hair loss due to chemotherapy can be a devastating blow for any woman.

What Causes It?

Many people who have to go through chemotherapy often don’t even know what causes it. Chemotherapy is designed to kill fast growing cells, as cancer cells often grow a great deal faster than regular cells in the body. Unfortunately hair cells also grow a great deal faster, which means that the chemotherapy treatment quite often kills the cells that are in the hair follicles. Not all chemotherapy medications can cause a woman to lose her hair, but there are a few which have been known to cause hair loss the most frequently. Women who are undergoing hair loss are worried about losing their hair and how to stop this from occurring.

What to do

There are a few things to know about hair loss in women as it pertains to chemotherapy. The first is that it’s not permanent. Women who undergo chemotherapy to treat cancer may find that they lose their hair in just a few weeks. It may start by thinning and then may completely fall out, often in big, fairly scary clumps. Once the chemotherapy is ended, however, the hair will begin to grow back normally, as there will be no cancer killing medications in the body that are there to prevent the hair from growing. Most people will find that their hair will grow back to be a full head of hair in under six months, and those who want the hair to grow back quicker may be able to use a female hair loss treatment medication to help stimulate the hair follicles to make the hair faster.

Is there any way that you can prevent hair from falling out when you’re undergoing chemotherapy? Probably not. There is, however, hope. To begin with the chemotherapy is vital for helping you to love a long and enjoyable live, and it is only temporary. Once you’re done using the chemo to get rid of the cancer you will be able to have your hair back, often thicker than it was before, in under a year. And using treatments that are designed to help you to grow your hair back faster can accelerate the growth.

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