Hair Loss Vitamins vs Prescription Hair Formulas

There are a number of signs of aging that can be denied or ignored, including the feeling of being more tired and of not having as much energy as you used to, or the feeling of being a bit achy. There are, however, a number of symptoms which are impossible to hide from. These symptoms include graying hair, which can be hidden from using dyes, and thinning and balding hair, which can not be hidden from at all. It is, in fact, balding or receding hair lines which tend to cause both men and women with the most frustration about aging. There are a number of ways that you can help to grow your hair back, including vitamins for hair loss and prescription formulas. But which method is the better method to use for hair re-growth?

Prescription Formulas

There are a variety of prescription hair formulas which are designed to help men and women to grow their hair back. These formulas are generally only available through a prescription that is handed down from your physician or from a physician whose main expertise is hair and the skin. Therein lies the first problem – you have to speak with a physician to get the formula. This is a huge problem for many people, as they are uncomfortable talking with their doctors about losing hair and feel as though it is a silly, or embarrassing thing to speak with their doctor about.

Prescription medications do work well for the most part, and many people find that they are able to get some degree of hair re-growth in less than a year’s time. There is, however, an unfortunate side effect to using pharmaceutical means to take care of your hair, or rather, your lack thereof, and that is the side effects that accompany these medications. Most pharmaceutical medications come with a bevy of side effects, including problems with your intestines, nausea, vomiting, ect. But these also come with a number of sexual side effects including impotence and a very low sex-drive.

The Natural Way

There is, however, a more natural way to get your hair back. There are a variety of hair loss vitamins available to help you to stimulate your hair follicles to work without side effects. These are high quality vitamins that are mixed together in such a way as to help promote hair growth in anyone, man, or woman. Before purchasing hair loss vitamins it is a good idea that you do a bit of research so that you can learn what has caused your hair loss, which will allow you to get the right mixture of vitamins to help you to grow your hair back to its original state.

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