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The internet can be a great tool. After all, without the internet you’d never be able to play online Scrabble or to reconnect with your old high school chums through Facebook. While the internet can definitely be a wonderful tool, it can also lead many people astray. They see advertisements for products that are supposed to help them to cure their problem and, as in the days when the old snake oil salesmen roamed the plains, they believe them. If you look online you’ll find a number of natural hair loss remedy websites, each of which claims to have the solution that you’re looking for to help you to grow your hair back. But who do you believe? Here are a couple of classic home remedies that you’ll likely find online.

Remedy #1: Lettuce

Lettuce has become a staple in every household, and probably because it’s so easy to find, many people believe that it can help to cure a number of problems. Some say that you can use lettuce to help you to prevent hair loss. How? By creating a mixture of lettuce and spinach juice, using a blender or some other mixer, you can help your hair to stop falling out. The site says to make sure that you drink about a half a liter of this noxious juice a day for the best results. Does it work? While lettuce is the ultimate addition to any sandwich, it probably isn’t the best product to help you to stop hair loss.

Remedy #2: Rubbing the Head

Many websites say that for the ultimate natural hair loss remedy, you simply have to rub your head! Lots of adults will remember their mothers telling them to truly scrub their scalp when they were taking a shower in order to get the scalp really clean, but maybe this was also the solution to help prevent hair loss, as a thorough massage can help to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp. It doesn’t, however, prevent testosterone from stopping the hair follicles up, so this remedy may be all washed up.

Remedy #3: Cold Water

Almost all women have been told to rinse their hair in cold water before they’re done their showers. Why rinse your hair in cold water? Scientists say that cold water shuts the pores in the skin up, and when you hit the pores suddenly with cold, they snap closed and give you a more youthful appearance. What does this have to do with natural remedies for hair loss? Not much. While a cold water rinse may help to make our hair look shiny, it isn’t necessarily the best way to help you to stop hair loss or to grow back hair that has already fallen out.

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