Options for Male Hair Loss

You enjoy your life. You like your family and you have a fulfilling career. You may even feel like you’re on top of the world. Then you wake up one morning and head to the bathroom and notice, surprisingly, that you don’t look the way that you used to do. It may take awhile but you’ll likely soon realize that the reason that you seem to look different, and likely older, is because you have begun to lose hair, much like your father or grandfather lost their hair when they were approaching middle age. But what do you do if you’re dealing with male hair loss? There are a few options open to men who are dealing with hair loss.

Toupees and Wigs

The first option that most men used to use a long time ago was toupees. Toupees are small swatches of hair that are designed to go over the balding spot on your head. When made correctly they are supposed to fit into your current hair seamlessly, but there are always bad toupees that are made and many men have been fooled into wearing bad toupees before. Wigs are much the same except that they are designed to go over the whole head and to hide any remaining hair. While toupees and wigs are an option that a man who is losing his hair can look to, most men feel ashamed to have to use a toupee or worry that their hair loss will be even more noticeable once they wear an obvious toupee.

Prescription Medications

Those men who are able to comfortably see their physician about their male hair loss will likely get a prescription for a medication that is designed to help to break up the dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, that is likely he culprit for the hair loss. These medications vary in price, and in ingredients, but most of them can be purchased for under $300 per dosage.


Some men feel that getting hair transplant surgery is their only option. They undergo a fairly long and often painful process of getting the hair from the sides and back of the head transplanted into the balding spots in hopes that the new hair follicles will take. This is a rather extreme method that can also be very expensive.

Natural Methods

Many men look for natural male hair loss treatment methods in order to help them to get back their hair. These products are designed using only vitamins and minerals that can be found in nature to help to break up the DHT from causing problems in the scalp, allowing a man to grow his own hair back once again and to look, and feel, younger.

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