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There are a number of questions that people have when they find that they have started to lose their hair, and quite often they’re not willing to speak with a physician about their problem because they’re too embarrassed about the situation to bring it up. Here are some of the more common questions, and answers, about hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

As with many things, this problem is caused by a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone is found in everyone ad is usually harmless. When it comes to male pattern baldness, however, it settles on the scalp and stops the hair follicles from working correctly, causing baldness, thinning, and a receding hair line.

How common is it?

It’s extremely common. Some studies show that a fifth of men suffer from male pattern baldness, and many of them find that their hair starts to fall out, or to recede, before they’ve even reached the age of thirty.

Do women lose their hair too?

While it is more common to see men suffering from male pattern baldness, women, as well, tend to suffer from the situation and can have balding areas or a receding hair line. They are more likely, however, to have thinning hair than to showcase a receding hair line.

Do men and women use the came products to get their hair back?

You can find many hair loss treatment options available for both men and women, but most likely you’ll find separate products available for the genders, as men and women are so different hormonally. While it is true that DHT causes hair loss for both men and women, it is often different to find different treatment options for both so as to not disturb the delicate balance of hormones that is different in both bodies.

Does hair color make a huge difference?

You wouldn’t think it would, but actually it does. While male pattern baldness can strike anyone and can leave people of every hair color bald, those who already have less hair on their heads tend to lose hair faster. For instance men and women who have red hair generally have at least 25% less hair on their head than those who have brown hair do. Those who have blond hair have 25% more hair on their head, which may be why those families with red heads in them suffer from baldness more frequently than those families who have plenty of blondes in them.

Is it curable?

The most asked question is whether or not male pattern baldness is curable. Fortunately it is. Those who use natural hair loss treatment options once they notice their hair falling out generally find that their hair will grow back fairly quickly.

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