Major Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Most women do not like to think about aging. Many, in fact, have a very hard time hitting certain birthdays, including the 30th, the 40th, and, well, any birthday that ends in a 0 for the most part. Women do not like to think about aging, and many of them go to great lengths in order to look young for just a little while longer. One thing that causes many women sleepless nights is the idea that they will lose their hair. While it is true that men will lose their hair more often than women will, there are some instances in which women will lose their hair or will have to deal with female hair loss. But what causes women to lose their hair?

Genetics – Some women simply have to deal with horrible genetics. These women are generally dealing with something that has been bothering the family members for a long time and is something that they’re not likely to get rid of easily. Much like a man loses hair, women who have bad genetics lose their hair based on the hormone DHT settling in their scalp. This can be a very frustrating process to cure.

Weight loss – And doctors say that losing weight is a good thing! While it is definitely a good thing, it can cause some unwanted side effects, such as losing your hair. Women who are losing weight often are not getting the right nutrients in their body. This causes the hair to fall out prematurely and the new hair is not yet ready to come out, which means that you wind up with thinning hair. This form of hair loss in women can be easily helped simply by getting the right nutrition or by taking vitamins that are put together to help women who need more vitamins to battle hair loss.

Stress – Women have to deal with a great amount of stress in their lives. Women are the ones who generally run the household and who are responsible for doing everything that needs to be done. Those who are too highly stressed may find that their hair starts to become loose and falls out much earlier than it normally would, causing thinning hair. The best way to help yourself if you’re losing hair due to stress is to get the stress out of your life, as much as possible, so that your hair can have time to heal and to grow again.

There are a number of things that can cause a woman to lose her hair, but most of them can be treated with the right female hair loss treatment, and before any woman gets too concerned she should figure out what caused her hair loss so that she can treat it.

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