Preventing Hair Loss Before It Happens

Most men fear a certain amount of things. One thing that most men fear is losing their hair. Much like women fear age lines and wrinkles, men fear losing their hair and feel that it is the ultimate thing that causes them to look older. Most men who have family members who are going bald believe that they have no choice but to go bald. And, if you’ve got a number of family members with receding hair lines or who are bald, you’re probably right. Most of the time hair loss is genetic. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use natural hair treatment options to help you to keep your hair.

Understanding Loss

Before you can understand how to prevent loss, you need to understand what causes it. The majority of the time, hair loss is caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone, also called DHT. This hormone settles in the scalp and prevents the hair follicle from being able to grow hair anymore. But how can you tell if you’re likely to succumb to DHT? That’s a fairly easy one. Most hair experts say that if you have a number of family members who have a receding hair line, or who have a bald spot on the back of their head, you likely will have a good chance of succumbing to DHT.

There are, however, other causes to hair loss. In many cases, hair loss can be caused by a prolonged illness, medications that you must take, an unhealthy lifestyle, or poor diet. Whenever the body is lacking nutrients it will choose to get rid of the unnecessary functions, and growing hair is not a necessity, and is usually one of the first functions to get canceled if the body is not being treated in the way that it needs to be treated.

Preventing Loss

There are a number of natural hair loss treatment options that you can use to prevent hair loss. The first is for those who are likely to suffer from DHT. Many of the products that are natural have an ingredient known as saw palmetto, which reduces the DHT levels and is a good way to help prevent the DHT from causing the hair to fall out. You can use it after you have seen the signs of baldness, or you can begin using it before hand in order to prevent the hair from falling out in the first place.

The best natural hair loss treatment options for those people who are not at risk for having DHT make their hair not grow again is to treat yourself well. The healthier you treat yourself, the healthier your scalp, and your hair, will be and the more likely you will be to not have to search for hair loss products.

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