Hormonal Causes of Hair Loss

Hormone problems are usually looked at as being something that concerns women more than men. The truth is, hormonal problems can become a problem for anyone, male or female. One of the things that many people don’t know is that one of the main causes of hair loss involves hormones that are not properly balanced within your body.

Hormonal Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Many women experience hair loss as a result of estrogen, the female sex hormone, being under produced in the body. As women approach menopause, they may have a lack of estrogen in their system. When the lack of estrogen is combined with an overabundance of testosterone (the male sex hormone), it produces an excellent condition for hair loss to occur.

Women lose hair in a different pattern than men. With no real pattern, women may notice an overall thinning, or even that they are losing hair in spots over their scalp. If you are a woman who is beginning to go through menopause or if you have gone through menopause and have noticed thinning hair, you might want to consider taking an estrogen replacement or increasing your consumption of soy, which will increase your estrogen. When you take care of the causes of hair loss for you, you may notice that it ends and new hair begins to grow, within a couple of months.

Hormonal Causes of Hair Loss in Men

One of the most common causes of hair loss for men is a male hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT can be overproduced in men and thus becomes one of the main causes of hair loss. This type of hair loss is referred to as “male pattern baldness.”

With male pattern baldness the hair loss will begin either at the crown, eventually resulting in a bald spot, or at the hair line, which will create a receding hair line. The hormonal problem which causes hair loss in men is hereditary. If it has been the hair loss causes of other men in your family, it may become one of the causes of hair loss for you too.

The only way to end this type of hair loss is to block the DHT that is causing the hair loss. You can do this by using a hair loss treatment or medication that contains a DHT blocker. You will also want to make sure you use something that contains ingredients to promote new hair growth, making your chances of ending the hair loss and growing new hair even greater.

Other Hormonal Causes of Hair Loss

The glandular system produces hormones that are necessary to keep the body working properly. If the thyroid gland isn’t working properly, there can result a hormonal imbalance that can become one of the causes of hair loss.

If you are currently experiencing hair loss, you may want to see your doctor to determine what the causes of hair loss are for you. If it’s something hormonal, he may be able to help you get control of your hormones, either with medication or natural hormone therapy.

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