Male Hair Loss: An Overview of Male Hair Loss Solutions

The issue of male hair loss affects different people in different ways. While some people take it rather easily and understand that it is a part of life and the aging process, others don’t roll over so easily. There are a variety of options for hair loss treatment for men, and the best one for you can depend on any of a variety of things. Some things work better than others for certain people. Some options are based on medical science whereas others are more cosmetic solutions.

If your hair loss is affecting you in a major way, consider one of the many options available for male hair loss treatment.

Medical Options

There are two medical options when it comes to hair loss treatment for men. Rogaine and Propecia are the only two medical solutions for male hair loss that have been approved by the FDA. Propecia requires a prescription and can be taken once a day in the form of a pill. This has been noted as the most effective of them all.

Rogaine is another medical solution for male hair loss. This solution is topical, and can be purchased over the counter in the form of a spray or cream. It is applied to the area and encourages the growth of hair in areas that it is applied to.

Many men utilize one or both of these male hair loss treatment options in their endeavors to regrow their hair.

Surgical Options

Another option for male hair loss treatment is surgery. There are a few different types of surgery to consider, but hair transplantation seems to be one of the most popular. During this procedure, doctors take small grafts of skin from areas of the scalp with healthy hair follicles and move them to the balding area. This may be anywhere from one to thirty hairs’ worth of follicles and can be quite a tedious process. It has been known to have a great deal of success.

Scalp reduction surgery is somewhat similar to hair transplantation, and although it is a viable male hair loss treatment option it is less effective than the first method of surgery. This procedure involves surgically removing tracts of hair with less healthy follicles and stretching the healthy scalp to replace them.

Cosmetic Options

There are options for curing the woes of male hair loss that don’t involve any form of male hair loss treatment. These are a great deal simpler and more fun for some people. Toupees, wigs, and hairpieces all get the same end result—a healthy-looking, full head of hair, without the tens of thousands of dollars that can be associated with other forms of treatment for male hair loss.

Natural Options

There are a number of methods to treat hair loss naturally using vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and they work quite well for some men dealing with male hair loss. Read the reviews carefully before you buy one of these products, and talk with your doctor if you currently take any ongoing medications or suffer from a serious health condition.

Nobody ever wants to come to terms with the fact that they are losing their hair, and the few that do should consider themselves lucky. There are options for male hair loss treatment. It is possible to curb the problem, if you catch it early enough and employ the right solutions.

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