Pill vs. Application Hair Loss Products

Within the overall realm of hair loss products, there are many things that can easily cause confusion among most people.  Among these is deciding whether to use products that come in pill or application form. Because the method of absorbing the product you choose may directly impact its effectiveness, finding the answer to this question is essential before you get started.

Essentially, the main difference between pill and application hair loss products has to do with the system of delivery.  A pill and an application can both have the same ingredients, but the manner in which those ingredients find their way into your system will be quite a bit different with each method.  With pills, you are going to be ingesting the pill and dispersing the ingredients throughout your bloodstream. At the outset, the pill is swallowed and deposited into your stomach. The acid inside your stomach burns away that outer layer of the pill, allowing the other ingredients to be absorbed. With applications, on the other hand, you are actually going to have to apply the cream or other application medium to the skin and let the skin absorb the ingredients. No actual ingestion is involved on your part. Your pores soak up the medication.  It is important to note that it’s not just hair loss products that function in this manner, but rather all types of treatments that are sold on the market today.

Now that you know how the different products actually operate, the next question to settle is the one of which products are actually best for the body.  Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer in such a short space vis-à-vis hair loss products because just like the ingredients themselves, different methods of introducing those ingredients into the body can work better or worse for different people depending on their particular biological characteristics.  If you are interested in discovering which method is right for you, the best place to start would be with some general rules that you can then develop into something more concrete for your particular situation.

Because of the way in which they are applied to the body, hair loss products that are based on creams or other things that are applied to the outside of the skin tend to have extra ingredients in them to make that possible.  Therefore, if you would like to cut down on the amount of foreign ingredients that enter your body, those in pill form would definitely be a good idea.  On the other hand, there are some people that absolutely hate taking pills to the point where having to take one can totally ruin their day.  For these people, an application type product would certainly be a better way to go. Moreover, both have different kinds of side effects. Hair loss products that make use of application-style treatment can sometimes have side effects at the application site. Those that make use of pills can sometimes have digestive side effects.

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