Vitamins for Hair Loss: Curing from the Inside Out

It has long been known that vitamins and minerals play an active role in the health of our systems. There are so many different systems that can be impacted by the different vitamins and minerals in our systems that it can often be difficult to get them all in. Vitamins for hair loss are important to those who are worried about hair loss, and if you find yourself to be one of these people than it may be time to get started on a hair loss vitamin regimen. It is important to consider the fact that too much of one vitamin can have the opposite of the desired effect; hair loss is often the result of overdoses of certain vitamins.

There are several vitamins that people know can have a positive effect on hair health and hair growth. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are all know to be pretty useful when it comes to maintaining a healthy grade of hair.  What people don’t know is that there are other, less well-known, vitamins and minerals that aid in the growth and quality of health of a person’s hair.

Biotin for Hair Health

Biotin is important in the production of keratin, which is essential to hair health. This may help to prevent not only the loss of hair, but the premature graying of hair as well. This can be found in things like liver and rice, milk, whole grain foods, and Brewer’s yeast. It is recommended that anywhere from 150-300 mcg of Biotin be taken to aid in the health of hair. This is a great hair loss vitamin.


Inositol is another important one. It aids in keeping the hair follicles as healthy as possible. This can be found in whole grain foods, yeast, liver, and citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines. Up to 600 mg of Inositol can be consumed daily to aid in healthy hair.


Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is another vitamin that can aid in the health of the hair. This is a good hair loss vitamin because it aids in the healthy circulation of the scalp this can be found in meat like fish, chicken, and turkey. It can also be found in whole wheat foods, wheat germ, and Brewer’s yeast. Up to 15 milligrams can be taken to aid in hair health, but anything more than that may result in flushing, temporary heat flushes to the skin.

These are just a few of the many vitamins that can aid in the health of hair. Hair loss vitamins are an important part of the overall treatment process for hair loss. Hair loss vitamins can be purchased at any supplement store, but they are better taken in as food as they go through the system better and it is easier to avoid over supplementation.

If you are suffering from hair loss, there is hope in the form of hair loss vitamins and other treatments. Vitamins ensure that a well rounded approach is taken to maintaining the health of your hair. You don’t have to suffer without doing something about the thinning of your hair.

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