Helping Yourself With a Natural Hair Loss Treatment

If you’ve looked into your hair loss problem at all, you’ve probably discovered that there are lots of reasons you may be losing your hair. From the stress you’re constantly experiencing to the medication you’re taking to the genes you inherited from your father, pinning the cause of hair loss down can be tough. However, whatever the reason you are losing your hair, there may be a hair loss treatment you can use to help put an end to the problem.

Choosing a natural remedy means the healthiest route toward ending hair loss and beginning to grow a healthy, new head of hair. Because many treatments are made of ordinary things you may already have in your home, natural treatment methods often mean maximum results with minimal investment.

Ordinary Things

One of the recommended natural hair loss treatments that has been tried and tested is using onions as a massaging tool. Rubbing onion on your scalp promotes circulation and brings more blood flow to the hair follicles. If you rub the onion on your scalp until it begins to turn red and then apply honey to it to help sooth it, the effect should be favorable. Do this before bed and wash it out thoroughly for the best results. This technique works best for patchy type hair loss.

Another thing you can try with simple home products is to use oil as a massaging ointment on your scalp. Massage itself will increase the blood flow, but when you use an oil such as olive oil or an essential oil such as thyme or rosemary, you will be increasing the circulation even more.

Eggs are good for more than protein, they also offer a natural hair loss treatment that you can do in your own home. Take an uncooked yolk, massage it into your scalp, and leave it there for an hour. After an hour has passed, wash your hair as normal.

Castor oil can be used as a remedy too. Carefully apply the castor oil to the scalp and roots of the hair without getting it all through the hair. Wrap your head with newspaper and tie around it with string or cloth so it stays in place. Leave it on all night and wash your hair in the morning. If you do this about once every one to two weeks, you should see results after about 6- 7 treatments.

As you try some of the best natural products at home, it’s important to note that one of the best things you can do for your hair is to keep it clean. When you use a good hair loss treatment along with proper hygiene, you will be doing the best you can for your hair health. When you begin to consider natural remedies, you may never run out of things to try. Moreover, though, what you’re using doesn’t offer the adverse side effects medication often does.

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