Exercise and Hair Loss

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Did you notice a slightly receding hair line? Maybe you have seen more hair than ever on your pillow in the morning and thought it was only a passing thing. Perhaps that passing thing has become even more evident every morning. Maybe you have noticed that when you wash your hair there is more on the shower floor each day.

No matter how you noticed the start of the problem, it may be even more shocking when you notice it getting worse and becoming more widespread. Seeing your hair line move back, seeing bald spots appear on your scalp, and noticing the subtle changes in the thickness of your hair may make you stop and take a good look at your lifestyle.

How Exercise Benefits Hair

If you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, that may be contributing to your hair loss. One of the main benefits of exercising is that it increases blood flow and circulation in every area of the body, even the scalp. When you have more blood flow to the scalp, your hair follicles will be receiving the nutrients they need in order to grow properly.

When the blood flow and circulation in your scalp is increased, your hair loss should slow down, and possibly even end. You may also notice that some new hair growth begins, and that the hair that is growing is healthier and stronger. With circulation increasing in your scalp, you may also notice that the graying of your hair has slowed down or stopped.

Beginning to Exercise

When you think about starting an exercise program, you may feel a little overwhelmed- especially if you have been leading a lifestyle of sitting and not moving around much. One thing that may help is to choose an exercise that you know you will enjoy.

Many people think they need to do something complicated or difficult to learn. Even taking a daily brisk walk will be enough to increase your circulation and blood flow. It can be tough to stick with an exercise program, but one thing that may make it easier is to ask a friend to join you. Having the companionship, as well as a little competition, may help you keep going.

You may also want to set some goals for yourself to meet. If you are just beginning, set some small goals. Something like walking a half hour a day is a good place to start. Then, set a goal of walking at least two miles a day within the half hour. As you meet each goal, set a new goal of either distance or time it take to walk a certain distance.

Hair only grows about a half inch a month, so it may be a few weeks, or even a couple of months before you see any visible evidence that the hair loss has slowed and new hair growth has begun. Don’t give up. Hair loss may be difficult to take control of, but if you do everything you can to put an end to it and to begin growing new hair, you will see progress.

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