Hair Loss Products Do’s and Don’ts

The whole hair loss process can be a difficult one, especially considering the fact that at the same time you are trying out the hair loss products, you will also be on an emotional roller coaster from day to day as you wait eagerly to see if your latest treatment method has any success in helping you with your hair problem.  With that in mind, here are some Dos and Don’ts that you might be interested in following as you try a variety of products.

DO read the instructions completely at least twice.  The reason that twice is the minimum recommended number in this case is that it is very easy to miss some detail that might not seem important, but is in the long run.  Hair loss products are finicky with their success and because of that you need to make sure you read through the instructions and understand exactly how they are supposed to work.  If you check them at least twice, you’ll be sure of how the procedure works.  In fact, it doesn’t hurt to simply keep them next to you as you take the first few treatments you purchase until you get the hang of the procedure and it is programmed into your memory and your actions.

DON’T take more than one of the hair loss products you purchase at the same time.  This one is a little esoteric in nature because it seems like a good idea from a logical point of view.  After all, if your goal is to cycle through as many treatments as possible in as short a time as possible in order to get the maximum effect possible, why not use multiple products at the same time to double up on the effectiveness of the time you devote to this pursuit?  However, the problem with that strategy is that if you do get results, you will have no idea which one is actually responsible for those results.  This can spell disaster when it comes time to refill as there are few products on the market that can do their job with just one purchase.

DO check the ingredients list before you purchase any hair loss products.  Different treatment methods contain different ingredients and it is quite possible that one product might have ingredients that agree with you completely and another might be loaded with ingredients to which you are allergic.  People with allergies seldom forget to check the ingredients list for food items, but are not as good at remembering to do the same for anything they might ingest or apply to their skin.  Do not make this mistake as an allergic reaction would obviously be a very bad thing.

DON’T take the advice of any one source for your hair loss products as gospel, but rather make sure that if you do make a purchase, it is because you feel that the product in question would be good for you.  It’s okay to consult other sources, but the final decision must be yours.

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