Hair Loss Prevention: Know the Causes in Order to Prevent It

Hair loss prevention is important. Nobody ever wants to lose their hair, and there are so many things in life that could cause that to happen. Stress can lead to hair loss. Illness can lead to hair loss. Poor nutrition can lead to hair loss, as can certain medications. It can seem like there are so many factors leading to hair loss that when you factor in age and heredity your mop doesn’t stand a chance.

With all of the things that you cannot do to prevent hair loss, like get older, it is extremely important to employ prevention techniques in order to ensure that your hair stays right where it should be—on the top of your head. Of course it is important for you to know what the causes of hair loss are. Knowledge is your best weapon against hair loss, and your most important key to prevention.


Stress can cause hair loss. If you are worried about keeping the hair you have, learn to relax a little bit at work and at home. Stress can cause you to lose your hair and it can lead to stroke and heart attack as well, so keep that in mind. Stress control isn’t only about prevention—it’s about being healthier overall.

Eat Better

Certain vitamins are essential to having a healthy head of hair. Good prevention techniques start with a healthy diet rich in leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy. A well balanced diet can lead to healthy hair, hair that stands less of a chance of of falling out. Hair loss prevention is about healthy eating.

Take it Easy on Your Hair

Some people are hard on their hair. Pulling and tugging at your hair and scalp with brushes and combs can lead to hair loss, and that is the most preventable kind. If you have hair prone to tangles, look into a product for that so that you can give your hair a break. Losing your hair due to poor hair care is never any fun. Prevention is about cherishing your hair and taking it easy with the brushing and combing.

Lay Off the Chemicals

Permanents and relaxers are a permanent part of the hair care regimen of some people. If this sounds like you, consider the fact that you could be setting yourself up for hair loss. Chemicals are okay every once in a while, but too many of them in too short a period of time could equal early hair loss and that’s not something that anybody ever wants to deal with.

If you are worried about holding onto the hair you already have, smart thinking is really all that is needed to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible. Be smart, take it easy on your hair and treat your body right. Hair loss prevention isn’t much more complicated than that.

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