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Q: Are there any side effects to using hair loss products?

A: Once again, this is a question that is going to be different depending on a number of different factors, the two most important being the hair loss products in question and the people that are actually using them.  As far as the products themselves are concerned, the side effects that are going to stem from them are usually listed either in the instructions or else on the warning label that comes with most modern medication.  As far as the actual people are concerned, different people will have different reactions to ingredients in the products and in some cases that will amplify or reduce the potency of the different side effects that it comes to market with.  Because of these two big variables, it really is impossible to list specific side effects for products as a whole.

Q: How important are money back guarantees where hair loss products are concerned?

A: This is a matter of intense debate amongst many of the experts in the online industry and as an exception to the rule learning about hair loss products with money back guarantees is almost exclusively an internet issue.  That having been said however, from a purely logical point of view the money back guarantee should not be your primary concern when taking a look at which ones you would like to purchase and use.  You want the treatments you have to work for you rather than not work and by making sure that you only purchase products that have money back guarantees, you are in effect admitting that you expect the products to fail.  The main goal of anyone using these treatments should be to cure themselves of their hair loss problem and for that reason you want to purchase products that have high effectiveness ratings regardless of how good their money back guarantee happens to be.

Q: How can I avoid using hair loss products with ingredients I am allergic to?

A: This depends on whether you know which ingredients are the ones that will instigate an allergic reaction.  If you already know that, you can simply go ahead and read ingredient lists before purchasing hair loss products and avoid the ones that contain those ingredients.  If you do not know what your allergies are (either because you have none or because they are so remote that you never come into contact with those substances), you need to assemble a list by visiting your doctor and arranging for an allergy test that will be able to tell you once and for all exactly what you are allergic to.  Once you have that information, you can then apply it to the lists of ingredients for the various treatments you are interested in purchasing in order to make sure that nothing you are allergic to is ever purchased as you look for the right solution to your problem.

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