Propecia: The Big Kahuna of Male Hair Loss Treatment

Finasteride, better known as Propecia, is one of the most commonly used and highly effective hair loss treatments of them all. There are many different treatment options out there that a male hair loss sufferer could pursue, but of the different male hair loss treatment options this one has seen the most success.

The Origins of Propecia

Although Propecia has seen so much success as hair loss treatment for men, it was originally developed for another purpose. This revolutionary hair loss treatment was designed to treat a completely different problem, an enlarged prostate. As they do with all medical treatments, researchers conducted clinical trial after clinical trial on Finasteride, just to notice that in addition to the effects it had on the size of the prostate it did something else—something a great deal less expected. Finasteride had amazing effects on hair growth.

At this point in time, Finasteride already had the coveted FDA approval for the treatment of enlarged prostates. Researchers decided to pursue its effectiveness in this other area, and as a result the very first pill for male hair loss was developed.

In 1997, Finasteride received the official approval to be used as treatment for male hair loss in 1 milligram doses. Since then, it has been used by millions as a hair loss treatment for men.

Why Propecia Works

Propecia works by blocking the enzyme that shrinks the hair follicles. This enzyme, called DHT, is the cause of male hair loss. When this particular enzyme is blocked it allows the follicles to re-thicken and hair to re-grow. While nothing can be considered a certain treatment for male hair loss, Propecia has been known to reduce the production of DHT by as much as 60 percent in more than 80 percent of men who take it.

Officially Approved for Use in Treating Male Hair Loss

There are many different male hair loss treatment options out there, but few of them are actually approved for use by the proper organizations. Propecia has been approved by not only the FDA but also the American Hair Loss Association, a trusted organization for those who are suffering from male hair loss.

What does this mean to those who are suffering from hair loss? It means that it can be trusted, and it is endorsed by those who know. With all of the different kinds of hair loss treatment options out there promising results, it is hard to know which to trust. Looking for a trustworthy approval and endorsement like those provided by the FDA and the American Hair Loss Association for Propecia.

If you suffer from male hair loss, it is important to know that there are options and Propecia is one of them. Evaluate your options for each treatment method out there. Remember that nothing is promised, but in this day and age things are always advancing and hair loss treatment for men is becoming more and more advanced every day.

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