Is Hair Transplantation Surgery a Smart Treatment Option?

There are a plethora of options out there for male hair loss. Treatment comes in many forms, from medications like Rogaine and Propecia, to surgical methods and even hairpieces. There are several surgical options for those that are looking to get a full head of hair back, but there is only one that has been proven to be the most effective and worth the cost and that is hair transplantation surgery.

What is Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Hair transplantation surgery seems simple to those who have never undergone it or performed it, but it is in fact quite complicated. This procedure involves shifting parts of the scalp that have plenty of healthy hair follicles to sections that need them. This means that those areas that are balding, usually on the crown of the head, can be assisted by those areas of the head that have no problem with hair growth, such as behind the head, around the ears, and around the sides of the head.

This can be a very simple to complicated process, depending on the number of hair follicles that need to be moved. This procedure can involve anywhere from one to thirty hair follicles being moved at a time and most people need more than one surgery in order for this male hair loss treatment option to be worth anything.

The first surgical stage usually involves grafts of hair being placed further apart to encourage healthy growth and blood circulation. Following instances of surgery may involve grafts being placed in between the first set of grafts to fill in the gaps and achieve the realistic look.

After Surgery

This can be one of the more frustrating options for male hair loss due to the fact that hair almost always falls out after it is transplanted. This is the last thing that any male hair loss sufferer wants to see, especially when they have spent all that money on treatment. This is normally very temporary, as hair almost always grows back in its place from the healthy hair follicles. This may take a while after surgery.

The success of this hair loss treatment for men depends on a variety of things, including the health of the transplanted follicles, the extent of the hair loss when the procedure was attempted, and the number of hair follicles that were transplanted. It is important to allow times of full healing between instances of treatment in which multiple surgeries are needed to get results.

Few men ever want to have to deal with male hair loss. There is something about aging that is hard to reckon with, and losing one’s hair just blares the unwanted in a person’s ear—“you’re getting old.” You don’t have to roll over, as there are treatment options to consider.

Whether or not surgery is the right male hair loss treatment for you remains to be seen. It has been known to be effective, but there are other, less drastic, treatment options.

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