Environmental Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss may be one thing that you can change if you can find out why you are losing hair and make use of treatments that are designed to deal with the root of the problem. When the problem is simple, such as hair loss being caused by heredity or by a medication side effect, the treatments are east to find and easy to use.

When the cause of the hair loss is environmental, finding it and finding a treatment to use may not be quite as easy. Environmental situations are occasionally easy to change, but quite often they are not. Finding ways to avoid or get rid of environmental causes of hair loss may take more work than finding treatments for hair loss caused by other things. It is possible, though, to find ways to decrease the effect of environmental factors, and possibly to find ways to reverse the effects certain environmental factors may have on your hair.

One environmental factor that can affect your overall health, as well as cause hair loss, is second hand smoke. If you can avoid being around people who smoke, you may eliminate any adverse reaction you may have to it, and actually reverse any damage that may have already been done.

If you live in a mining town where coal is mined or burned regularly, you may experience health problems and hair loss. The pollutants that come from coal dust and burning coal can cause many illnesses and reactions, and hair loss is one of them.

Another environmental cause of hair loss is exposure to and ingestion of heavy metals, such as mercury. Mercury has been used for years to fill cavities, and is one of the metals that has been found to adversely affect people with many health challenges; hair loss among them.

Another environmental cause of hair loss, and one that may be easier to avoid, is exposure to sunlight. Wearing a hat will protect your scalp from damaging sun rays and help keep your hair healthier. Swimming in chlorinated water is another thing that is damaging to the skin. When you spend a lot of time swimming in chlorinated water, it can damage your hair and cause hair loss.

Here’s an environmental factor that each person can control - hair care. There are many hair care options that will actually be more damaging to your hair than helpful. Perms, hair dye, even some shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that can damage your hair and cause hair loss. Having pony tails or braids can also cause hair to fall out. The stress of the pulling and being tight can cause hair loss.

With the option of taking as much control of your own environmental factors as you reasonably can, you may be able to eliminate many of the environmental causes of hair loss. When you eliminate them, some of the damage that has already been done, may be reversed. At the very least, you will be making yourself healthier and doing what you can to prevent hair loss and other health problems.

Making sure your own personal environment is free of pollutants and toxins such as cigarette smoke and anything else you can have control over will be a good start to having a healthy environment.

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