Hair Loss Prevention and Environmental Concerns

Hair loss prevention may take more work than you might think, especially if you are being surrounded by environmental factors that will increase the likelihood that you will experience hair loss. With all the possible causes of hair loss, hormonal imbalances are the most common cause. Taking control of your hormones and doing everything you can to make sure they remain at the proper levels (and ensuring the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) isn’t being over-produced) may mean either changing your environmental exposure or protecting yourself from the things you are being exposed to in whatever way you can.

The most common environmental pollutant that you might be exposed to is cigarette smoke. Many who suffer from hair loss don’t smoke themselves, but the bottom line is that serious chemicals come from cigarette smoke once it’s exhaled. Acetone, ammonia, benzene, cadmium, hydrogen cyanide, and mercury are just a few. As a result, if your partner is exhaling cigarette smoke in front of you at home or you work in an environment where it is legal or socially acceptable to smoke, it could be at the root of your hair loss problem. The toxins are carried through your bloodstream and they can literally change the composition of your hormones. Protecting yourself from being exposed to cigarette smoke, even second hand smoke, is essential to preventing hair loss. If you must be in an area where people are smoking, go out of your way to avoid inhaling it. You can wear a mask, or try to be out of the way of the smoke. This might take some work, but your overall health, as well as your hair health, could depend on it.

If you live near a working coal mine, you may be exposed to a fairly common pollutant that causes hair loss. Unfortunately, hair loss prevention and taking control of the situation in this case may mean taking the drastic measure of moving, getting a new job, or wearing a mask when you are most vulnerable to the air that is polluted.

Other environmental factors that can affect hair health are the things you do to your hair. When you use hair care products that contain ingredients that are known to be toxic, you are exposing yourself to things that can cause hair loss, and putting them in your own bloodstream. Learn what ingredients are safe to use, and look for those ones on the labels of any hair care products that you use, and you’ll be on your way to a better method of hair loss prevention.

Preventing hair loss by watching and being aware of what you are exposed to in the environment, and doing what you can to make your environment more safe for your health, and your hair, will be one way you can have a little control over whether you experience hair loss or not. Making your chances of keeping your hair better than ever by trying to control the things you are exposed to will increase the amount of hair you keep, even if you do end up experiencing some hair loss.

Prevention can be the key to keeping your hair and making it as healthy as possible. You are the only one who can do it.

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