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Depending on who you are, there are many different things that can cause hair loss.  Many people have grown up on Seinfeld and shows like it that stipulated that only every other generation could lose their hair and that baldness was a completely genetic thing.  There is some truth to this in terms of causes of hair loss, but there are also many other hair loss causes that people rarely hear about.

One thing that can cause hair loss is a major illness.  For example, if you have cancer or another serious illness, one of the symptoms of that illness could be hair loss.  Similarly, if you were to go on a regimen of chemotherapy, have some serious surgery or otherwise end up receiving some sort of very involved treatment for an illness that would be considered serious by most doctors, chances are that one of the things you could experience as a side effect of that treatment is hair loss.  This is one of the hair loss causes that come from environmental rather than genetic factors.  Considering that even the best hair loss treatment (i.e. a natural hair loss treatment) can cause unintended side effects, it isn’t that much of a stress to say the same is true vis-à-vis hair loss and a treatment for a different serious illness.

Hormones can also be the cause of hair loss, as many people end up finding out in a way that is related to the major illness scenario mentioned above.  For example, a person can end up having thyroid problems and then with their overactive hormones can end up losing their hair.  A natural hair loss remedy may help in this circumstance, but both female hair loss treatment and male hair loss treatment will be needed because these types of hormonal imbalances can affect both genders.  Sometimes women will end up losing their hair within a few months of having a baby and this is another hair loss occurrence that can be related right back to hormones.  As a matter of fact, a lot of female pattern balding can be traced back to problems with hormones.

Finally, another way to cause hair loss is through the improper care of your hair.  Women who wear corn rows or pigtails a lot end up exerting a lot of pressure on the hairs they have on their head.  This pressure, if exerted over a long enough period of time, can start to have an effect.  This is the type of hair loss problem that is purely environmental and a good example of a natural hair loss treatment here would be to simply alter your lifestyle habits so that the hair loss cause in this case is completely nullified.

The point of this post is not to say that hair loss causes are not genetic, because a fair number of them are.  However, it is important to realize at the same time that there are environmental factors that can cause hair loss and when these environmental factors are brought into play, it is certainly possible that a well-targeted natural hair loss treatment could end up solving your hair loss problem.

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  1. Jacqueline Says:

    I’m a 52 year old woman with breastcancer since 2001. The cancer spread to the liver/brain/and liver again. I’m still on treatment Herceptin and Gemzar. I’m doing fine but……..I’ve lost several times my hair because of chemo and radiation. This last time it came back straight, grey and very thin and on the back of my head there is a bold spot. My hair grows very very slow. I hate my hair now, it’s so unattractive and embarrassing. Is there any way these products would help me? I read that Provilus and Rogain are 2 of the best products for women. Have you done research on women with cancer with this product, how much procent had effect from this product? I would like to try it but can’t afford to pay for a product that would not work for me. Any advice, please let me know.

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