Hair Loss Treatment Tuesday: Tricomin

Tricomin is suspiciously similar to the phrase “try combing”, but it is probably safe to assume that no company selling a hair loss product would be so blatantly rude to people with hair loss problems.  The company actually bills itself as having great male hair loss treatment products as well as great female hair loss treatment products and bills itself as offering the best hair loss treatment available on the internet.  A lot of companies say this however, so there is nothing particularly new there.

It is difficult to pin down Tricomin as being a natural hair loss treatment simply for that fact that the average natural hair loss remedy is one or two natural products whereas Tricomin is a mixture of different products.  For this reason, Tricomin is not a natural hair loss treatment in the classical sense of the term, even though many of the ingredients that come in its proprietary mixture are said to be of a natural source.

When you are dealing with Tricomin, the main thing to realize is the fact that Tricomin is not a single product.  Rather, the goal of the company is to get you to purchase a series of treatments, each one representing a particular stage in hair loss.  This might be pricey to some people, but the good news is that you can purchase the products separately, using each one over a period of months while you put aside the money necessary to make the next purchase.

The first product that you will purchase from Tricomin is a spray known as their follicle therapy spray.  This is a spray that, in words of their company, is designed to act as a defensive measure.  The goal with this spray is to stop the hair loss and nip any offensive motions the hair loss might be making in the bud.  It will not help to restore any of the hair you have already lost, but rather will stop the hair loss problem from spreading.  It is also a very good first product for allowing you to evaluate exactly how well the product may work for you.

Once you have finished with the follicle spray, the next thing for you to purchase is a shampoo and conditioner combination.  The shampoo is designed for the revitalization of your hair while the conditioner is responsible for restructuring the make up of the cells and follicles that you have left.  In other words, this pair of products is designed to continue the defensive posture of the previous spray and then slowly turn that defence into offense as it revitalizes and restructures the hairs on your head.

Once you have that treatment well underway, the next set of products is another shampoo/conditioner set that is completely optional for you to purchase.  It is a special type of shampoo and conditioner that Tricomin claims is specially formulated to help protect the gains you made with the two previous products, although they also freely admit that continuing with the previous two hair products should be good enough to allow you a chance at fixing your hair problem completely.

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