Hair Loss Treatment Tuesday: Nanogen

Nanogen is a very interesting hair loss company, primarily because of the fact that they offer a wide range of services.  They have natural ingredients mixed together in some natural hair loss treatment products, even if none of them are natural in the classical sense.  In addition to that, Nanogen pays specific attention to women, claiming that their products work just as well as a female hair loss treatment as they would a male hair loss treatment.  They also claim to have the best hair loss treatment on the market and that is a claim that appears to be endorsed by a third party organization known as The Alopecia Society.

The main product that Nanogen puts out on the market is a hair building fiber.  These are fibers that are electrostatic in nature and can be used to cover up a bald spot or hair that is thinning in a particular area.  The highlights of this particular treatment are that it is gender neutral, it really does seem to bond strongly to the hair and it can be used for up to two months before you need to order another one.  Finding a color that works for you might be somewhat difficult to do, but aside from that it does seem as though this is a decent treatment for hair loss.

While these fibers represent the mainstay of the Nanogen program, they also do have other things that you can buy such as hair-strengthening shampoo and a hair fattener that you can use for cosmetic changes to your hair that are friendly on the actual root structure.  In other words, these are products that you can use in conjunction with a natural hair loss treatment in order to make sure that your hair loss prevention scheme works well.

Aside from those products however, Nanogen does not really offer a direct solution for the problem of hair loss.  What they offer is a fix that will allow you to cover up the hair loss problem so that other people do not see it.  In this sense, the Nanogen treatment is very close to a super-technical version of wearing a wig, and for that reason, people that are looking for a way to actually cure their hair loss problem rather than cover it up may shy away from this product.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.  Nanogen treatments are a lot cheaper than most fitted wigs that you could purchase and in addition to that they also seem like they are a lot easier to apply and secure.  Since the electrostatic forces in the fibres force them to cling to each other and to your hair follicles, the hair treatment in essence sticks to itself and in doing so is able to remain secure.  It really is a personal decision however as if you purchase Nanogen and it really works for you, complacency might set in and result in you giving up your quest to find a bona fide cure.

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