Hair Loss Treatment Tuesday: Proxiphen

Proxiphen is one of the more interesting hair loss treatments on the market today, mostly because of where it comes from.  It is not marketed as a natural hair loss treatment by creator Dr. Peter Proctor, but even though it is not listed as such, Proctor claims that it is the best hair loss treatment product on the market.  If you’ve been following hair loss treatment Tuesday regularly, you know that people claiming this is somewhat of a given even before you open the product and evaluate it.  However, Dr. Proctor claims that this product can act both as a male hair loss treatment and a female hair loss treatment and that, he says, is one of the strengths of Proxiphen.

The main claim to fame that Proxiphen has is that its main ingredient is Minoxidil.  If you are not familiar with Minoxidil, you might be surprised to learn that it is the main ingredient in the hair loss formula known as Rogaine.  Rogaine is of course the most celebrated hair loss formula currently available on the market, so it is perhaps no surprise that Dr. Proctor would choose to use its main ingredient in his own particular proprietary blend for hair loss treatment.

According to Dr. Proctor, Proxiphen works a lot better than Rogaine.  He suggests this is so because of the extra ingredients that Proxiphen has that Rogaine does not.  There are about twelve of them, and while they do not directly affect hair loss in the way that Minoxidil does, at the same time, they do have indirect links towards the promotion of healthy hair growth.  Proctor claims that Proxiphen works better than Rogaine mostly to take the heat off the fact that his product relies so heavily on the same ingredient that Rogaine does, but as far as testimonials are concerned there are good things and bad things said about both drugs.

If you want to get really down and dirty and essentially ensure success with Proxiphen, Dr. Proctor has a full list of products for you to take.  After taking Proxiphen, you need to follow it up with a non-prescription version of Proxiphen while at the same time using re-growth shampoo and conditioner products from NANO.  There are a total of four products recommended to ensure the highest level of success.  In order to disavow people of the view that he is doing this purely for his own self interest, Dr. Proctor will mention on his website that you can Proxiphen by itself if you lack the necessary cash to purchase all four products.

Does Dr. Proctor’s product work?  According to many reviews, it works as well as any hair loss product can, and the only way to find out if it works for you is to try it out.  This is fairly typical of many hair loss products, as no single product can promise to work for every single individual. Many reviews do, however offer positive feedback for the treatment plan.

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