Hair Loss Treatment Tuesday: Melan Plus

Hair care products, hair loss treatments, and anything else that concerns caring for your hair should be looked at as whole body treatments. You absorb whatever you put on your skin or in your hair into your blood stream. By the same token, whatever you eat, drink, or smoke, enters your blood stream and goes to every cell in your body, even your hair cells.

Melan Plus is a hair loss vitamin which contains He Shou Wu, a Chinese herb which has been used for hair health over the past several centuries in Asian countries. He Shou Wu has been proven to promote melanin, which gives your hair the pigment for color. When Melan Plus is used over a period of time, your hair will begin to go from gray to the natural color you once had.

Another benefit of using Melan Plus with He Shou Wu is that this herb, along with the other ingredients, promotes an end to hair loss and the start of new hair growth. The antioxidant vitamins, A, C and E, along with all the B vitamins and Zinc, create a mixture that promotes healthy circulation throughout your entire body, even your scalp and gives the hair follicles the nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

Melan Plus has a vitamin formula to treat women and one for men. Using a gender specific formula is a better option because the needs of men and women are different when it comes to hair loss, graying and hair health. Keeping that in mind, choosing the vitamin hair supplement that will work for you should be fairly easy.

Melan Plus should be taken every day, and continuously in order to see the best lasting results. Melan Plus is risk free to try, as it comes with a ninety day money back guarantee. With so much to offer (getting your color back as well as slowing down or ending hair loss), Melan Plus may deserve another look.

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