Hair Loss Treatment Tuesday: Shen Min

The one thing that many people forget is that there are other cultures around the world, and in each culture, there are herbs and minerals that are used to treat various conditions that are not used in your own culture. When it comes to secret herbs, the Chinese have been, perhaps, the most vigilant about figuring out what they can do with all of the herbs at their disposal and about getting the most that they can out of the herbs available to them.

Shen Min is a hair loss formula that is based around one main ingredient: He Shou Wu. This medicine is used in a couple of different hair loss products on the market, but each hair loss product uses a different amount, and mixes it with different vitamins and minerals, in an attempt to create the perfect hair loss treatment formula.

Shen Min’s creators claim that it is designed primarily to block DHT, giving the body the chance to grow hair once again. It claims that when we age, DHT is the primary cause of all of our aging problems, and that Shen Min not only helps to block the DHT to allow the hair to grow, but that many customers have found that it makes them feel better in other ways as well.

The company has two separate formulas, one for men and one for women, and it is very popular, as the product is quite often out of stock. The website of the company itself is very helpful, with plenty of information about the ingredients that are in the formula and articles explaining exactly what Shen Min is and how it works. Those who are looking for an a different sort of hair loss product, one that focuses on using oriental medicines to fight against hair loss, may want to look closely at Shen Min.

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