Hair Loss Treatment Tuesday: Follicare

The maze of hair loss treatment products is long and winding, and it can take a person days to simply gather all of the names of the various options. Most hair loss treatment products are designed to fight against male pattern baldness, and it can be difficult to find treatment products that work on some of the other causes of hair loss. One hair care product, Follicare, claims to be uniquely designed to fight against all of the main causes of hair loss.

Follicare claims that it is designed to prevent a build up of DHT, to defend against microbes that could cause hair loss, to provide the body with the nutrients that are necessary to promote hair growth, and to increase the circulation of the blood in the scalp. The ingredients in the product are designed to work together in harmony, preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth.

Unlike some hair loss products, Follicare has both external and internal products. When used together, they are a powerful formula designed to help you to fight against hair loss. The shampoo is strong enough to help you to grow back your hair, while gentle enough to use every day. There is a topical spray that should be sprayed into the scalp six pumps, twice a day, and there is also 2 nutritional caplets to be taken during the day (preferably with food), and a dropper of minoxidil, which has been proven to help with hair loss problems before.

The only downside to this product is that the manufacturer claims it has a 94.5% customer satisfaction rating. While anything in the 90’s is good, 94.5% seems a bit low. The affordability, however, may be the factor that pushes people to purchase it, for when combined with the satisfaction rating, it makes Follicare an excellent deal in the land of hair loss products.

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