Natural Hair Loss Treatment: The Apple

Sometimes, when you are looking for alternative treatments to problems that people face every day, it helps to step back from the culture that you are use to and take a look at a culture on the other side of the globe. While we may not think of thinning hair or male pattern baldness as a problem men in Indian, Japan and China face, they most certainly do. The question is, what do they use to treat these conditions? The answer may surprise you.

One of the most popular treatments is derived from simple, every day apple juice. Scientists found that an ingredient in apple juice actually helps to stimulate new cell growth where there was none before. The treatments have passed several clinical trials and are now commercially available in many Asian counties. Will scientists here pick up where these scientists left off? Time will tell, but you can bet that if this apple juice based treatment turns out to be the natural hair loss remedy of the century, there will be millions of eager customers just waiting to try it out in North America.

What is amazing about this particular product is the fact that it only seems to stimulate cell growth on this particular part of the body. The compound was given to other cells in a laboratory environment and there was little to no reaction, but cells from the scalp were shown to react very well to the same compound. Who knew that we could have been using something as natural and as delicious as the apple for all of our cosmetic needs!

It is also thought that the acidic nature of the apple might help to deaden the enzyme DHT, which is thought to cause hair loss in men and in women.

The long term viability of this apple-based compound remains to be seen, but it is safe to say that if an apple a day keeps your hair to stay, then these scientists are going to be very, very wealthy.

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  1. Caren Says:

    what are the ingredients for the apple hair loss product

  2. Janet Says:

    Apple juice, genius!

  3. Charles Says:

    Does one rinse the scalp with apple juice or drink it for the benefit?

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