Top 3 Hair Loss Treatments of 2012

Losing your hair can be devastating. It can effect your self esteem, your mood, and your everyday life. There is no doubt that hair loss is more then just a minor problem for the men and women that have it. You have probably even tried various hair loss products before, but none have worked. Don’t worry, there is still hope.

Most Common Reason for Hair Loss

By the age of 50, almost half of the men and women worldwide will suffer some type of hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss such as age, stress, diet, and sickness to name a few. However, the most common reason for hair loss is due to a gene inherited from at least one parent. This gene tells the body to produce a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which causes the hair to fall out. Over time the hair follicles will die and stop producing new hair causing pattern hair loss.

What to do when Hair Loss Begins

Regardless of the age when hair loss begins, the longer you wait to seek treatment the more permanent the hair loss will become. The best treatment for hair loss comes from reducing DHT production or preventing DHT from affecting your hair follicles. If you can get the hair follicles to begin the hair growth process the better off the hair growth will be.

Do DHT Blockers Work?

Yes. Blocking DHT will help prevent further hair loss, as well as help stimulate hair regrowth. As of now, DHT Blocking and Reduction is the only FDA approved treatment for hair loss other than expensive, painful surgeries for hair loss like hair transplants.

Which DHT Blocker Do I Choose?

There are many hair loss products to choose from. We have researched the best products and compiled a list of the most effective hair loss treatments for you. Based on customer feedback regarding results, time until growth, customer service, and overall satisfaction, Provillus earns our recommendation as the most effective hair loss product for both men and women.


total hair regrowth


Products Not on the List

  • Nioxin
  • Viviscal
  • NuHair
  • Shen Min
  • Advecia

Hair loss can be hard to treat. It takes time, patience, and every treatment might work differently for each user. Everything has been done to give accurate information. Please remember that not all treatments work for everyone. Natural Hair Loss Treatment - - is designed for educational purposes only, and is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice or consultation with an acredited physician. The information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute in diagnosing and health issues, conditions or diseases. It is also not a substitute for professional care. If you have a health problem, or suspect there is an issue with your health, always consult your physician. Note that we are affiliated with Market Health, HairMax, Cloud9, and Hair Genesis and do receive commission from sales of their products made through our website and links.

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  1. jason Says:

    Provillus is the best hair loss treatment I have used. I tried everything, like Rogaine, Revivogen and other treatments. But Provillus has worked the best for me. I started to see results in 3 weeks. I have now been using it for over 6 months, and most of my bald spots have filled in. I would reccommend it to anyone.

  2. huntington Says:

    I have used both Procerin and Provillus. I would say that both work about the same. However, Procerin is only a daily supplement.

  3. betsy999 Says:

    Hair Genesis works great. I used it for about 4 months and it really helped.

  4. TheBaldGuy Says:

    I have used everything under the sun, over 15 products total. Profollica & Provillus worked the best for me, enough said.

  5. georgiagirl Says:

    Thanks for the reviews, very informative.

  6. baldguy Says:

    BUY PROVILLUS! I have used it for 2 months, and my bald spots are already filling in. I would recommend it to anyone.

  7. bentonbo Says:

    Provillus really works. I have been using it for over a year, and I am so happy with the results. If there is one hair loss product you should use, this is it. It comes with hair loss vitamin supplements, topical treatment and shampoo.

  8. JOHNOBOY Says:

    I am going to take the plunge and give Provillus a try. I am excited to see if it works on me.

  9. bell Says:

    i have tried many treatments scalpmed, minoval, some hair vitamins and nothing has worked for my loss hair line. I pray this provillus is the help i need.

  10. Celeste D. Augustine Says:

    I have suffered hairloss because my hair was braided too tight and I have used chemical straighteners some years ago. Thank you.

  11. Annielou Says:

    Is Provillus more effective on women or men?

  12. Hair Loss Guide Says:

    It is effective for both. They have specific blends for both men and women.

  13. Jerry Weaver Says:

    I have been trying Rogaine, Propecia and Advodart. The rogaine is tedius and with very little results. The Propecia and Advodart effected my sex drive and other relational parts. I will try Provillus and/or Procerin.

  14. wolfberry Says:

    Has anyone tried spectral.DNC ?
    how does it compare to provillus?

  15. Hairloss Girl Says:

    I am 21 years with a scalp problem which is long over due i have tried a few products products like doctor miracle, Do gro and a few others. I started losing hair at the sides head because of to much tight combing. i was told that the best thing to do is a hair transplant. Can u please help?

  16. alejandro lecours Says:

    I have been using a device called the lasercomb(by hairmax) for almost 6 months. Its a product that is supposed to stop hair loss. I used it as indicated in its instructions, 3 times a week and each session not to exceed 10 to 15 minutes. It said to always leave at least 1 day of non use between each treatment which I did. On May 4 2009 I felt dizziness and difficulty to speak and also I felt that I was going to faint. I was rushed to a hospital where I live in Caracas Venezuela, and was addmitted to the emergency room. Upon arrival my blood pressure was very low, 9 over 5 as I recall. All sorts of tests were performed, bllod tests, urine tests, electrocardiogram, cat scan, etc. and all tests were perfectly normal. I described to my doctor that I felt a strange tingling or sensitivity on the top of my skull. When I touched the top of my head I felt an elongated lump on the very top of my skull. I knew that this lump was something new that was definitely not there before. The doctor said he could not conclude if the lasercomb had caused the problem but he recommended me to inmediately stop using it. I did stop using it and the elongated lump on the top of my skull decreased in size each day, and today only 4 days after the episode that sent me to the emergency room its about 80% vanished and I now no longer feel the sensitivity I had been feeling for some time on the top of my skull(which was the spot where I had most intensely focused the use of the lasercomb). I now feel fine but am convinced that the lasrcomb has serious life threatening side effects.

  17. Me Says:

    Sounds good

  18. jamie Says:

    I am 23 years old and a single mother of a 2 year old daughter. I work full time and go to school as well. I have naturally curly frizzy hair and more recently I have been noticing thinning spots in my scalp. I have had a considerable amount of hair loss over the past few years and frankly it scares the crap out of me! I’ve never considered a hair loss treatment, and must admit i’m a little in fear of causing more damage. HELP ME!

  19. Karen in SF Says:

    I think in time you’ll be ok. I went through something similar. I think you have Telogen Effluvium due to stress. I was going through a divorce and my mother had cancer and my hair thinned and thinned and thinned. Now, its full again but it was several years before it all came back. I went to Vera Price at UCSF and tried various products. Time is what did it for me. At one point, I bought a good synthetic/human hair blend wig so I’d have it on hand “in case”. It gave me comfort to know I had something if I woke up one morning and it all fell out (it didn’t). I suggest patience, healthy diet, and reduce stress as much as possible.

  20. Babes Says:

    I need help with my hair. I’m so out of my comfort zone I don’t know what to do. I’ve noticed I’ve got this red patch on the top of my head that causes some pain and discomfort. What could it be? The rest of my hair is down to my hips. I have no plans on cutting any of it. At this point in my life why? I’m 55 yr . Please advice. Babes

  21. pat kadet Says:

    at 70 i’m losing hair all over. I stopped brushing and use a pick instead which lessens the hair lost but it’s so thin I can’t do a thing with it. Should I cut it and what causes it and what should I use.

  22. tyler Says:

    i wore extensions because my hair started to get thin in like ninth grade. then the extensions made my hair even thinner. my hair isnt growing back and i havent worn the extensions since high school. help?

  23. lindalou Says:

    Has anyone used Ovation? Revivogen? What are your results. Thx.

  24. indigo178979 Says:

    Drinking a lot of green tea helps with hair loss. Somehow, green tea blocks DHT in the hair follicles. Also green tea is good for your health.

  25. Audrey L. Says:

    I just started using Nioxin and decided to look up any research about it. I found this website and see that others prefer different products. I’ll finish using what I have, and eventually post what I think of it.

  26. Lisa L Says:

    I am 39 and am noticing my hair is thinning. I am not sure if it is actually falling out or if it is just getting thinner. I had always had lots of hair and now I can see my scalp more around the front near my bangs and across the top of my part. I am just now trying Nutri-ox (everything else is so expensive) in conjunction with Resveratrol suppliments - powerful antioxidents. If I were to try Provillus, could I do so without taking the suppliments? I don’t want to take too many. I also take vitamins to increase seratonin levels (lots of 5HTP in that). What do you recommend. Please reply. Thanks

  27. wendy m. Says:

    My hair is breaking off at the chin level. Any help at correcting this ?

  28. Aliandra Says:

    Will using hair loss treatments make your hair grow faster too?

  29. Yvette Says:

    I doctor referred Nisim some years ago. I didn’t notice anything in terms of results. Nisim is by no means cheap in price. I later did research on Nisim and found it gives little results and the same with Nioxin..With those 2 I’d say save your money. I use Indian herbs and oil Amla, Fengugreek- 1tsp in a paste for 2 hrs. I saw a difference in 3 wks

  30. Kay Cook Says:

    All my life I had thick, shiny beautiful hair…until I had a near fatal car accident at 56 years of age and spent almost a year in the hospital. The second month I noticed that my hair was falling out by the brushful. Doctors told me that stress is what caused it. After the fourth month I hardly had any hair left, then doctors said it was all the medications that I was given. Still not able to walk on my own after two years and using a wheelchair, I could just about count the hair on my head. I was so depressed. I tried all the expensive hair clubs, Rogaine and several others. Nothing worked. A friend brought me a months supply of FOLICURE from Sally Beaty Supply. It only cost $10.49 for a box of 30 tablets. What a miracle. Within a year my hair in almost to my waistline. Of course I recommended it to several friends and I hear from them constantly about how great their hair feels and looks. My hair is so thick and shiny again that I’ve been asked if I’m wearing a wig. After a year in the hospital and another in a wheelchair, I’m finally back on my own two feet (even though I carry 9 pounds of titanium in my body) I don’t even limp. My
    hair is my crowning glory thanks to FOLICURE. Try it. It really works.

  31. HairSympatico Says:

    Only one thing worked for my mother with her hair loss and that was a hard to find RASAMLA RETINOL serum–it goes on scalp everynight, and she did not use minoxidil which you can for better results, but it changed her life literally. Her hair is full again and this is all she used RasAmla or ReSami was the name and I think the same company makes both brands of these serum capsules ( use one each night). Would this work for men too?

  32. cathy Says:

    my beautiful blonde hair started falling when I changed my diet in my early 20’s. I think it was due to low iron, after many years of being sad over such awful hair loss, I took iron pills and raised my ferritin levels, but the hair still fell out. Then I realized I may have many things contributing to it, also, I have dandruff, and have had for many years. This is a fungus infection, I’m hoping if I deal with the dandruff it may stop. My hair is very short now and still thinning. Any suggestions? I take lots of supplements.

  33. marion poole Says:

    Mercury used in black hair products is the cause of black men and women’s hair loss since the late 1800’s

  34. Myra Says:

    I am a 60 year old black woman and noticed about 2 years ago that my hair became more dry and brittle. I attempted to use a few glue extenstions and that was a disaster. My hair became even drier and my bang area ceased to grow and became very thin.
    Will Provillus work for me? I am at my wits end and need hair in the top. I cut off the damaged hair, and the back seems to be growing back, but my crown and bang area seem to be at a stand-still.
    Can somebody recommend something for me? Please

  35. peggy Says:

    I am 47 yrs and I have curly hair shoulder length I would like to have a longer length midway of my back can you help ????

  36. mary marks Says:

    i am a blonde and have highlights and my friend suggested to do a relaxer for frizziness..(which wasnt so bad)….my hair fell out in spots and the rest is like a brillo pad now…veeeery damaged and breaks off….i have to wear wigs and have cut it as short as possible….i beleive this is called chemical allopecia…the product claimed to have no lye and organic oils so i thought it was safe…i have been an emotional mess since and feel UGLY…i have a hard time making myself look presentable…i WILL never use chemicals in my hair again as i hear horror storeies from people about their hair falling off from strraigteners 2 weeks later and relaxing “accidents”…i condition and treat my hair daily but it helps minimally…i sometimes wonder if i’ve done follicle damage and if my hair will grow back healthy and lustruous as it was…i have resigned myself to being patient and thinking positively…my frustration lessened…and the LESSON permanenetly learned…..please be forwarned…NO CHEMICALS!!!!please advise on hair regrowth and treatments…thanks mm

  37. SanRoe Says:

    Wondering if the top five recommendations are safe for people who take high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other drugs, as well as OTC pills. Taking herbs sounds risky to someone who is on several medications.

    Advice? Thanks!

  38. Aylee Says:

    I had thick curly hair as a child but I have been loosing my hair since I was 17. Doctors said it is allopecia due to stress. I also have low iorn. I just figured my hair would all fall out eventualy and I was shopping for wigs. I just really loved hearing everyones stories since I haven’t heard any one else with this problem. I think I might try the green tea and maybe some iron supplements but all these treatments are expensive and I couldnt affored them. Good luck to you all I hope you get the results your looking for.

  39. BeckyPI Says:

    I have now used rogain for almost a year and have not notice any change in the growth. I also used Ovation and it made my hair fall even more. It was just a waste of money. I am now using a shampoo named Thicker Fuller Hair with cell-u-plex pure plant extracts and conditioner which has helped me a lot in making my hair stop from falling. They sell it only at Rite-Aid. It really makes your hair thicker so if you have thinning hair at least it does not look like you do. I am also taking a multi vitamin. I am still looking for a product though that will actually make the hair grow where there is none. I am tired of trying to style my hair different ways to cover up my bald spots which are in the front of my head. I have considered a wig and even a hair transplant. I must save up money first. But if any one finds a fast magic cure to hair loss, Please! Please! share it with everyone who needs hair. Thank You

  40. gail b.lynn Says:

    I have been using Rogaine for the past two years and although I’ve had
    some satisfying results,my hair recently and suddenly started to become extremely weak, and it is in such poor condition that I am almost afraid
    to comb it.It has also lost it lustre,thickness,and the lenght that I had grown from using the Rogaine.I condition it as much as possible and
    I still use the Rogaine,because once you start using it ,you have to
    continue it forever or you’ll lose all of your hair again.I would not reccommend long-term use of the product to anyone,because it will eventually reverse all of it’s great results. what can you reccommend
    for a distrault frazzled female? —– G.B. LYNN,–B.C.MISSISSIPPI

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