Healthy Living and Hair Loss

Everyday seems like a sprint. Weekday mornings bring a race to day cares and schools which winds up making hundreds of people late for work. The work day is spent in the race for climbing the ladder and making the cut. Where does our time go? It’s 6:00 p.m. and we haven’t eaten anything since the pretzels on the way to work. No time to relax, it’s time to be the first one to the parking garage in order to get on the highway before 7:00. Is it really any wonder that hair loss is on the rise? With so much stress, hair loss surrounds us. Is your hair loss worth the risk? Probably not.

The truth is that there are literally millions of ways to get the stress out of your life. Try one or a few and see how far you can get with natural hair loss remedies! Although it seems easy enough, one way to eliminate stress is to reduce the amount of caffeine in your system. Coffee, soda, and chocolate are all forms of caffeine and can wreak havoc on your stress level. Cut down to one or two servings per day can reduce your stress level as well as your hair loss!

Many believe the easiest way to reduce stress is to laugh! Reading a funny article, playing a game with your kids, or watching a hilarious sitcom on TV can cut stress immediately. There can’t be anything easier than laughing to erase the stress and increase the hair growth.

Another antidote to stress and hair loss is taking a walk. Have you ever noticed how your mind wanders when you’re walking in the woods or down the street? That’s because your mind finally has time to think about the tall trees, scurrying animals, beautiful houses, and fragrant flowers while walking. This is a direct contrast to the multitude of decisions and debates your mind has to attack each day. So give it a break- take a walk and reenergize your mind- and hair!

Although there truly are an endless amount of stress relievers, let’s focus on one more. Consider aromatherapy as part of your new lifestyle as well. Rooms that smell of lemons and fresh squeezed oranges give a feeling of energy to everyone. Lavender scents suggest peace and tranquility. Place a few candles or potpourri baskets through out your home or office and notice how everyone (including yourself) feel more relaxed.

Deleting the fast lanes and stresses from our paths and trying to eliminate stress to find natural hair loss remedies can be simple and powerful. Consider trying them and see what happens!

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