Dumping the Fake Hair For Great Shampoos

We have certainly come a long way in the world of male hair loss. Remember when hairpieces were the normal alternative for men who were losing their hair? We can probably all remember older relatives who tried to pretend that no one noticed their “fake hair”. David Letterman even invented the game Hairpiece not a Hairpiece to celebrate how incredibly bad many toupees looked. Today, more varieties of hair loss remedies can be found on store shelves than types of dog food. It is quite remarkable. Consider, for example, the shampoos that are currently available for men who suffer from hair loss.

Shampoos created specifically for men with hair loss can be found in grocery stores, pharmacies, and discount stores. These shampoos range in price from two dollars a bottle to seventy or more dollars per bottle. Are they worth the money? Only the consumer can tell. Men from all over the world claim to have increased hair production with certain hair loss shampoos taking the credit. On the flip side, just as many men share their stories of money and time lost due to these “wonder shampoos”.

Progaine, Dr. Varon’s, Frederic Fekkai More, Shen Min, and Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacur for Men are just a few of the name brand shampoos available for men seeking to eliminate hair loss. Each of these shampoos claims to take hair loss out of the equation for men. Do they really work? The issue is still up for debate.

For those men up to the challenge of searching for a shampoo that can make their dreams a reality when it comes to hair loss, finding the best product is essential. Here are a few tips that may help.

  • Look for a product that contains ingredients known to help with hair loss. Saw Palmetto and DHT inhibitors, for example, have studies backing them, so shampoos that include those are a good idea.
  • Look for a product with real customer testimonials, not just advertising claims.
  • Look for a product that hair loss support forums recommend. Talking with others who have successfully used the product may lead you to the perfect one for you.

Think shampoo before you think hairpiece.

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