Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Men seem to be affected much more noticeably by loss of hair or thinning hair than women. However, for many women, hair loss is also an issue that causes concern and embarrassment. Many products seem to be directed at solving men’s hair loss problems, but more are changing to help women find a solution. A new statistic shows that 1 in 4 women face Female Pattern Baldness (FPB).

Understanding the Causes

Genetics can play a part in women’s hair loss as well as for men. Ninety-five percent of the cases of hair loss in women are attributed to heredity. If your mother or grandmother experienced hair loss or thinning hair, the chances are probably good that you will share in that family characteristic. Other hair loss causes for women include hormonal changes or imbalances, medications, daily environmental changes, or potential serious health issues that may be looming. Pay attention to the signs your body is alerting you to and visit your physician if you have any doubts or questions at all about your overall physical health.

Childbirth is a situation unique to women that contributes to hormonal imbalances. With childbirth, hormone levels should return to normal after birth of the child, so the hair loss effects should only be temporary. Menopause can also wreak havoc on one’s hormones to cause an imbalanced situation that can contribute to the causes of hair loss.

More Choices Than Ever

Fortunately, women have less reason to panic these days as more treatment options become available to combat hair loss. Provillus, which has a treatment remedy for hair loss in men, has a treatment program for hair loss in women. It is a natural supplement containing vitamins and minerals, as well as Minoxidil, to nourish and support the re-growth of your hair.

Many natural therapies and treatments are available today to help with hair loss, and several of them involve adding nutritional supplements to your diet. Scores of people don’t get their proper recommended daily allowance of nutrients each day because they don’t eat properly. Good nutrition, vitamins and minerals, are a must to nourish your hair and help it grow stronger. Supplements are prolific these days, making getting the proper nutrition even easier.

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